Travel News Report
Sep. 24, 2014

Mobile payments: Waiting is no longer an option
No doubt about it: the mobile payments marketplace is set to explode — and soon. The fuse has been burning for years, lit perhaps by PayPal, perhaps by Apple, perhaps by Near Field Communication (NFC) or other enabling technologies. Whatever the origin, the imminent rise in mobile payment technology is going to change life in a big way.More

How airports are leveraging technology to drive revenue
Travelers have been embracing technology for years, relying on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to stay informed on the day-of-travel. Airports, for the most part, have bought in too, and have invested heavily in the past few years in self-service technology that keeps travelers informed and improves the airport experience. More

Travelers and airfare spending: Take flight with improving economy
The Wall Street Journal
In a sign that the scars from the financial crisis maybe healing, travelers in the U.S. are spending more on flights while slowing outlays on typically less-expensive forms of transportation such as cars, trains and buses. Inflation-adjusted spending on travel and tourism in the U.S. rose at a 2.1 percent seasonally adjusted annual pace this spring after a 1.1 percent decline during the first three months of the year, the Commerce Department said recently.More

Millennial spend outpaces boomers, Gen X
Hotel News Now
Data from industry researchers shows millennials are spending more on travel. Millennials spent 20 percent more on travel over last year, surpassing the 12 percent average year-over-year gain of all U.S. households, according to the "2014 Portrait of American travelers," released by MMGY Global, a travel and hospitality marketing firm. More

Five reasons why you can't ignore personalization in travel
"Give the people what they want" is a commonly quoted saying and is now more relevant than ever when it comes to travel. Today's travelers want unique experiences tailored to their priorities and want to take control of their own itineraries. So this has begot the buzzword of late in the travel industry: Personalization.More