Travel News Report
Nov. 21, 2012

AAA Texas: More than 3 million Texans will travel for turkey tradition
Cypress Creek Mirror
It's the time of year when people gather for home-cooked meals and time with loved ones. AAA Texas forecasts nearly 3.3 million Texans will leave home to celebrate Thanksgiving — an increase of 1.6 percent over last year. The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is defined as round trips of 50 miles or more during the period of Wednesday, Nov. 21, to Sunday, Nov. 25.More

The frequent traveler: Travel buyers attempt to ride social media wave
Business Travel News
Travel buyers are stepping up efforts to communicate with their travelers, but those incorporating strategies without social media elements might find themselves behind the crest. More than 60 percent of buyers surveyed by Business Travel News said that within the past year they had done more to communicate policies to travelers. About half bolstered efforts to provide information about preferred suppliers and new tools and services, while fewer increased communication about travel emergencies.More

Airlines face acute shortage of pilots
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. airlines are facing what threatens to be their most serious pilot shortage since the 1960s, with higher experience requirements for new hires about to take hold just as the industry braces for a wave of retirements. Federal mandates taking effect next summer will require all newly hired pilots to have at least 1,500 hours of prior flight experience — six times the current minimum — raising the cost and time to train new fliers in an era when pay cuts and more-demanding schedules already have made the profession less attractive.More

Top 6 marketing trends this holiday season
Constant Contact
Small businesses everywhere are thinking hard about how they're going to approach the holiday season. After all, the economy is recovering, but it's still unpredictable. Everything small businesses do to reach potential customers is going to make a difference. Getting the word out about your holiday specials is a big part of it, but it's the way you start marketing these deals that will be the deciding factor. The following is what you need to think about this coming holiday season.More

Pinterest users show proclivity for travel content
Because of its visually oriented interface, Pinterest has been touted as having more promise for travel marketers than other emerging social media sites (and even some of the established ones). Another reason travel marketers have their eye on Pinterest — besides its massive growth rate — stems from an assumption not unique to travel: The site's users are much more likely to be in shopping mode than other social network users.More