Travel News Report
Nov. 26, 2014

Most Thanksgiving travel expected since 2007, AAA says
It's going to take longer to get to that turkey and dressing this year. That's the message from experts who say that an improving economy, more disposable income, consumer optimism and low gas prices are combining to create the biggest Thanksgiving travel rush in years. Auto club AAA projects that 46.3 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home during the Thanksgiving weekend, a 4.2 percent increase over last year and the highest volume since 2007.More

Falling apart: America's neglected infrastructure
60 Minutes
VideoBriefThere are a lot of people in the United States right now who think the country is falling apart, and at least in one respect they're correct. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, our airports are out of date and the vast majority of our seaports are in danger of becoming obsolete. More

US economy on course for steady growth
The economy has zigged and zagged repeatedly since exiting recession in 2009, but now it finally appears to be charting a steady course forward. The U.S. is no speedy cigar boat, though. The economy is advancing at a relatively modest pace that’s below its historical average and growth is unlikely to race ahead soon. More

US on track to welcome record number of visitors in 2014
August marked the eighth consecutive month of visitor increases with 8.4 million international residents entering the country, up seven percent over August 2013, according to data from the National Travel & Tourism Office. A total 50.3 million visitors entered the U.S. in the first eight months of the year, up eight percent compared to the same period in 2013.More

Perryman: Youth labor future is now
Odessa American
The aging of the workforce is a demographic fact. The oldest members of the baby boom generation (people born between 1946 and 1964) have begun to reach retirement age, and the effects are being picked up in overall measures of the economy. Young workers are an increasingly important component of the labor force, even as they face difficulties finding desirable jobs.More

Not just the US — Amazon probably looking to scale up hotel inventory overseas
Rumors that Amazon might finally be weighing in on the travel industry in a serious way shouldn't be at all surprising. In some respects, Amazon is simply following in the footsteps of fellow web giant Google which, in 2010, couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer and wanted more control over the ecosystem. And, lest we forget, the rise of Alibaba in the east has put even ecommerce juggernauts like Amazon on high alert that where there is bounty, there should be some action.More