Travel News Report
Nov. 27, 2013

U.S. Travel Association on in-flight phone calls: Proceed with caution
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The Federal Communications Commission last week unveiled a plan to allow cellphone calls and Internet service on commercial flights. Although some consumers welcomed the news, the travel industry expressed "doubts" about the change.More

Spending, research and content consumption patterns for travelers
Study shows travel accounts for nearly 40 percent of all e-commerce spending. Online content consumption is growing at a rapid pace, as consumers are spending 93 percent more time with online content than they did three years ago.More

Email marketing: Think inside the new inbox
Is email dead? Lately, it feels like the marketing world has fallen out of love with email. McKinsey’s iConsumer survey reported a 20 percent decline in email usage between 2008-2012, as the medium surrendered ground to social networks, IM, and mobile messaging apps.More

Pinterest place pins make vacation planning more visual
Pinterest has started rolling out new Place Pins, which are intended to help members planning a trip, organizing their favorite local hotspots, or just dreaming of a different life.More

Travel companies using microsites to reach customers
By Chay Rees Runnels
DMOs and travel organizations are turning to the use of microsites as they seek to reach specific demographics or highlight certain aspects of their product or offering. Microsites are generally one- to two-page websites that may be branded a little differently than the parent site and act as discrete "sites within a site." Microsites can be used for product launches, special events or special promotions, and they offer brands flexibility to be creative and often engage visitors in more social ways than full websites can.More