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Dec. 4, 2013

American, US Airways merger expected to close Dec. 9
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A U.S. Bankruptcy Court has approved a settlement reached last month by American Airlines' parent company AMR Corp. and the U.S. Department of Justice, which previously had filed a lawsuit against the company in order to block its proposed merger with US Airways. The approval ends the dispute and allows the merger to move forward. According to American Airlines, the merger is now expected to close on Dec. 9.More

Airlines sound alarm on possible security fee hike
Congress isn't expected to raise taxes as part of any 2014 budget deal, but it might hike some "user fees" the federal government charges businesses and individuals. A likely possibility: An increase in a passenger security fee that industry lobbyists warn could add to the price of plane tickets.More

Blackstone-controlled Hilton plans biggest hotel IPO
Hilton Worldwide Inc. said its initial public offering would raise up to $2.37 billion in the biggest-ever hotel IPO, more than doubling Blackstone Group LP's investment. Hilton is expected to launch its initial public offering this month and the sale of about 11.5 percent of its shares would value the company at up to $32.5 billion, including debt.More

Why you're missing out on Chinese tourism spending
Rising Chinese tourism has been a much-ballyhooed topic in the travel industry lately. At this point, we've all heard how due to rising disposable incomes and relaxed travel rules, China's outbound tourism will skyrocket to more than 100 million Chinese people next year, how China has overtaken both the U.S. and Germany in tourism spending at $102 billion last year, and how important it is to make sure your business is China ready.More

Top 5 trends in hotel technology
With technology adoption on a rise, the expectations of travelers have also increased manifolds. Thus a hotel's technology offerings play an important role for guests when they are booking an accommodation. eRevMax has unveiled an infographic to assist property owners around the world to know about the latest technology trends topping the charts this season.More