USPSA Down Range
May. 8, 2014

The 2014 World Speed Shooting Championship is nearly here
The 2014 World Speed Shooting Championship is nearly here. On June 25-28, just two hours north of Las Vegas in St George, Utah. Every competitor will get something great from the huge prize table and there is $25,000 in cash on the line. Go to for full details. Don't wait — register today!More

Inaugural USPSA Junior Camp registration is open
The Inaugural USPSA Junior Camp registration is open June 20-22. If you want your Junior to have a chance to train with Max Michel, Ron Avery as well as take an abbreviated RO class with NROI Range Master/Instructor Troy McManus this is your chance. Click here for details. More

2014 Junior Program Raffle tickets are available
The 2014 Junior Program Raffle tickets are available. Tickets are only $5 and the proceeds go to support the USPSA Junior program. Prizes include guns from CZ USA and Sig Sauer, Range bags, ear protection, Safariland discounts and more. Drawing to be held after the Handgun Nationals and you do not need to be present to win. Get your tickets here. More

USPSA Springfield Armory Single Stack National Championships held in Barry, Illinois
Ammo Land
The United States Practical Shooting Association held the 2014 Single Stack National Championships, sponsored by Springfield Armory in Barry, Illinois. More than 370 of the nation's best pistol shooters competed in the match which included 14 challenging courses of fire to test the shooters' skills with the iconic 1911 handgun. Courses include moving targets and other obstacles to test their marksmanship and dexterity.More

Pistol stoppages and their causes
Pistol stoppages on the range are a common occurrence, and happen when the shooter causes the pistol to stop operating in the manner for which it was designed. The shooter causes the stoppage by failing to properly operate the firearm. Stoppages differ from malfunctions, which are described as the weapon or one of its components breaking. What's the likelihood of a pistol malfunctioning? A former USPSA national champion and gunsmith, Michael Plaxco, opines that a properly manufactured and maintained stock pistol should reliably function even with 1,000 rounds through it before cleaning. So what is the takeaway? Simply that stoppages are shooter induced and can be prevented.More

Ladies got gun; practical shooting clinic sees growing participation
St. George News
The Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range in Hurricane, Utah, provides shooting clinics for ladies every Wednesday night along with other training opportunities. Southern Utah Practical Shooters is a nonprofit corporation that strives to promote practical shooting, shooting and the Second Amendment. The organization's president, Ken Nelson, has striven to achieve these goals. He initially came up with the idea of clinics while training shooters for competition.More

Diamondback DB FS Nine 9 mm pistol
American Rifleman
Diamondback Firearms is still a relatively young manufacturer, having opened its doors in 2009. The company launched its product lines with diminutive striker-fired, polymer-frame pocket pistols, including the DB380 chambered in .380 ACP and the DB9 chambered for 9 mm. Diamondback then expanded its lineup to include AR-15 pattern rifles and pistols, available with proprietary fore-end configurations and unique color options. This year Diamondback is stepping up to the plate with its first full-size pistol, called the DB FS Nine chambered in 9 mm.More

The world's best practical shooter in history puts his name to the world's best video camera for his sport
Digital Journal
Éric Grauffel, also a six-time European Champion, puts his signature to the GunCam: the lightest and smallest HD video camera system. It is designed to be easily mounted to caps, making it perfect for capturing intense first-person action of shooting sports.More

Introducing Blackhawk Serpa CQC holsters for M&P Shield and Glock 42 pistols
Handguns Magazine
The 2014 NRA Show set the stage for the debut of Blackhawk Serpa CQC holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and Glock 42 pistols. Serpa holsters facilitate weapon retention with their auto-locking feature, keeping handguns secure while providing a solid drawing platform. The holsters are also available in a non-locking variation for both the Shield and G42, and all Blackhawk Serpa holsters are available in left- and right-handed variations.More

'Gun Digest Book Of Ruger Revolvers: The definitive history'
American Rifleman
As he explores the significant contributions made by Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc., to a realm of handgunnery that combines modern engineering technology, specialized hunting skills and cultural arms heritage, author Max Prasac contagiously conveys his enthusiasm for revolver shooting to believers and beginners alike in the "GunDigest Book Of Ruger Revolvers."More

Taurus PT 1911 AL-R
Guns Magazine
Near the top of the list of Unsung Handgun Heroes resides a Taurus PT 1911 AL-R, a great house gun or car gun with a long list of standard features and, before it was discontinued by Taurus, a decent price tag. At first glance, you might not like it, but it can be declared that after a few years of use, Taurus’ take on the 1911 makes this classic fighting pistol more useful than ever. If you can find one, you should buy it.More

New TFO handgun sight models released from TruGlo
The Shooting Wire
TruGlo Inc., manufacturer of the world's most advanced line of fiber-optic sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry introduces its newest additions to the BRITE-SITE TFO (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) family of handgun sights — the new Glock 41/Glock 42 models. These new sights offer revolutionary innovation with TtuGlo's patented combination of TFO technology delivering an enhanced sight picture 24/7.More