WSF Mountain Minutes
Jan. 4, 2013

WSF provides grant for $70,000+ to study Idaho bighorns
Weather permitting, Idaho Department of Fish & Game plans to deploy up to 26 GPS radio-collars by mid-January on bighorn sheep in the Beaverhead and Lemhi Ranges. Continuing a 7-year, $587,000 project launched in January 2012, IDFG, U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management wildlife managers have collaborated to collect critical data on bighorn sheep numbers, seasonal distribution/habitat use, lamb production/survival, health status/disease agents and genetic connectivity between bighorn sub-populations in the North and South Beaverhead Mountains along the Idaho/Montana border, as well as in the North and South Lemhi Mountains in Idaho.More

Bighorn sheep license auction gets OK
Aberdeen American News
One month after blocking it, the South Dakota Legislature's rules review committee gave final clearance to the state Game, Fish and Parks Department for a bighorn sheep license to be auctioned to the highest bidder. State Wildlife Division director Tony Leif presented assurances that the proceeds, which have been estimated to be $60,000 to $80,000, would be spent exclusively on efforts to protect and expand the bighorn sheep population in the Black Hills.More

Tracking Nevada bighorn sheep
The Jamestown Sun
Bernie Kuntz, contributor for The Jamestown Sun, writes: "Six months ago, when I drew permits for Montana elk and Nevada desert bighorn sheep, I began fretting and worrying that perhaps I had been too optimistic about my abilities to collect either animal. A double-fusion back surgery in late July did nothing to allay those fears, my back and legs being as bad or worse than prior to the surgery."More

Wolf hunt reopens near Yellowstone
Daily Inter Lake
Wolf hunting and trapping can resume near Yellowstone National Park after a Montana judge recently blocked the state from shutting down the practice over concerns that too many animals used in research were being killed. The restraining order from Judge Nels Swandal allows hunting and trapping to resume in areas east and west of the town of Gardiner in Park County. State officials closed the gray wolf season in those areas on Dec. 10. That came after several wolves collared for scientific research were killed, drawing complaints from wildlife advocates.More

Montana hopes new additive stops 200 highway sheep accidents
Highway and wildlife managers are hoping a new de-icer and possibly a speed limit change will be enough to stop the number of accidents involving bighorn sheep in the Lower Clark Fork Valley in Montana. The Montana Department of Transportation and Fish, Wildlife and Parks are trying a product that won't attract the sheep to the highway.More

Traveling with firearms
Sports Afield
Craig Boddington, columnist for Sports Afield, writes: "I'm not a 'gloom and doom' guy, honest. I've often said that, post-9/11 travel with firearms actually got a bit simpler. It seemed to me that more security people actually understood the rules and it's possible that at least some airline and security folks might have realized that there might be some greater threat out there than an honest traveler with a sporting firearm."More

The real story behind the infamous 'Alberta Grizzly'
Outdoor Life
We've all seen the email forwards with pictures and tall tales about the next world record elk or a charging man-eating bear that was shot at 10 paces. Many of these stories seem to grow like a game of telephone, with each person adding their two cents. Just such a story involves Luke Randall and he set the record straight during a recent trip to Afognak Wilderness Lodge. More

Wisconsin bowhunter takes 181-inch buck
Outdoor Life
Chad Statz was hunting in southern Wisconsin in October when this buck materialized out of nowhere. It was the biggest buck he had ever seen from the stand, but Statz was able to keep his composure and make the shot. Here's the story behind how he took this massive Badger State buck with one of the most intriguing racks of 2012.More

Mural ready to migrate from Indy
The Inyo Register
Travelers journeying along U.S. 395, their eyes inevitably drawn to the imposing escarpment of the Eastern Sierra, now have a unique opportunity to glimpse the seldom-seen bighorn that dwell in the most rugged terrain of the mountains. At the south end of the town of Independence, Calif., motorists encounter the first in a series of four "Migrating Murals" planned for the highway corridor, which tells the story of the migratory and endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep and the need to protect them.More

New Realtree Xtra Camo brings pattern realism to new level
Outdoor Hub
Camo pattern leader Realtree has developed the industry's most realistic pattern ever. Recently the company unveiled its new camo pattern, Realtree Xtra, also available in Realtree Xtra Green. The breakthrough in camo pattern realism comes from a combination of design and printing technology that delivers three distinct fields within one camo pattern: a foreground, mid-ground and background.More