WSF Mountain Minutes
Feb. 4, 2014

North Idaho officials eye Clearwater River basin elk
What's ailing elk in the upper Clearwater River basin isn't a mystery. The habitat that was once ideal for elk has aged and led to a dramatic drop in numbers. Predators like gray wolves and, to a lesser extent, black bears and mountain lions, are holding them down. Fix those two things — reduce predator populations and convert the habitat to include more young forests and brush fields — and elk are likely to rebound.More

Scientists study die-offs among bighorn sheep
Tri-City Herald
The female bighorn sheep looked like two sacks of potatoes as the helicopter lowered them to the ground. Blindfolded and hobbled, they stayed motionless while a crew of wildlife biologists, game wardens and a veterinarian ran to them to begin testing. Five sets of hands worked on the first ewe. Someone took her temperature: 101.7. A game warden held her down. Within minutes, the group carried her to the bottom of a rocky hill and let her go.More

Photos: Jackson bighorn sheep capture
Casper Star-Tribune
Wildlife Disease Specialist Hank Edwards prepares to draw a blood sample as Habitat Biologist Aly Courtemanch holds a captured bighorn ewe outside Jackson. Wyoming Game and Fish Department is acting as part of a multistate effort to better understand what is contributing to the death of so many bighorn sheep across the region.More

Video show Bighorn sheep captures
The Explorer
The Arizona Game and Fish Department released a video on their YouTube channel showing the capture of the bighorn sheep with aerial net guns last November in mountains near Yuma. The department released them into the Santa Catalina Mountains in November in efforts to restore the population in the area.More

Late elk hunt meant to thin Bears Paw herd
Billings Gazette
A special elk management hunt is now taking place in portions of Montana Hunting Districts 680 and 690 in Blaine County. The special management hunt started Jan. 17 and runs through Feb. 15 at the latest. The action approved by the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is aimed at harvesting around 50 antlerless elk to bring elk numbers in the Bears Paw Mountains closer to population objectives.More

Fish and game ends wolf trapping in wilderness
Idaho Mountain Express
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced recently that it is ending an effort by a hired trapper to kill wolves in the Middle Fork Salmon area of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Since the effort began in mid-December, the trapper killed nine wolves, eight after being caught in traps and one by hunting. The department reported that no wolves have been killed in the past two weeks.More

After calamity, Utah bighorn sheep return to Goslin Mountain
The Salt Lake Tribune
After killing more than 50 bighorn sheep on Goslin Mountain in 2010, Utah state wildlife officials began efforts recently to restore the herd along the Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Twenty-three Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep captured in Desolation Canyon lower on the Green River were released on Goslin Mountain.More

Video show Bighorn sheep captures
The Explorer
The Arizona Game and Fish Department released a video on their YouTube channel showing the capture of the bighorn sheep with aerial net guns last November in mountains near Yuma.More

Biologist manages goat hunting; discovers mystery goats
On a cloudless September day on Baranof Island Kevin White, a goat researcher from Juneau, and Phil Mooney, Sitka's wildlife management biologist are looking for mountain goats.More

US considers lifting hunting ban on grey wolves imported from Canada
Toronto Stars
It was a successful experiment in recovering an endangered species — too successful for some — and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now ponders lifting protections for transplanted Canadian grey wolves across the United States.More

Deadline for elk, pronghorn hunts is Feb. 11
White Mountain Independent
Hunters who wish to apply for an Arizona 2014 elk or pronghorn antelope hunt permit-tag issued through the drawing process are reminded that applications must be received by the department no later than 7 p.m., Feb. 11.More

Bush hunting for the big game
Marlborough Express
Former Blenheim man Tony Fyfe, writes: "The helicopter roared away into the distance leaving us surrounded by peace and serenity. The silence was almost deafening as we set about erecting our tent on the beautiful alpine meadow and stashing our food in the shade of some stunted mountain beech trees, before heading off hunting."More