WSF Mountain Minutes
Mar. 19, 2014

Whitetail hunting tips: Secrets to off-season scouting
Outdoor Life
While most hunters spend their spring weekends waiting for turkey season, Aaron Milliken spends hour after hour studying Google Earth. He dedicates so much time to the virtual mapping program partly because it's his job, but also because he knows it's the first critical step in finding and patterning mature bucks. Milliken is a Land Specialist with Whitetail Properties (a real-estate company that deals some of the best deer hunting land in the country) and it's his job to assess properties and predict how trophy bucks will utilize them.More

Top tips to avoid trail camera mistakes
By John McAdams
Over the past few years, trail cameras have become an extremely important tool for big game hunters all over the world, especially for deer hunters in the United States. However, like any tool, they must be used properly in order to realize their full potential. There are a number of pretty common mistakes that most hunters make when first using trail cameras. Luckily, correcting most of those mistakes is relatively easy, and doing so can significantly improve the quality of scouting that their trail camera can provide. Today, I'll share some tips for using a trail camera that I've learned the hard way over the years.More

Survival lessons learned from 6 animal attacks
Outdoor Life
If last year's headlines are any indication, incidents of strange and aggressive animal behavior are on the rise in North America. Experts attribute increasing human-animal encounters to a combination of factors—from human encroachment into once remote wildlife habitat to an ever-increasing number of carnivores migrating into America's cities and suburbs in search of an easy meal.More

Bighorn sheep, elk and moose seasons set
The Roundup
North Dakota's 2014 bighorn sheep, elk and moose proclamation is finalized and most season information is the same as last year. The bighorn sheep season will have five licenses available, one more than last year. Licenses in Unit B1 increased from one to two due to skewed male-female ratios caused by declining numbers of females. Unit B2, which was created to prevent overharvest of Sully Creek rams, has been immersed into B1 due to low numbers in the area. Similar to last year, collared rams may not be harvested in Unit B3. The season length has been extended to two months, and the new opening date corresponds with the peak of the rut to improve prospects of finding mature rams.More

Hart Mountain bighorn sheep dazzle viewer, but is it Oregon's best wildlife spectacle
The Oregonian
Terry Richard writes for the Oregonian: "When you see 133 wild bighorn sheep gathered together in one herd, it's a pretty moving moment. I say "wild" because the herd of sheep I saw was not the human-habituated sheep you encounter in some of the Rocky Mountain national parks. They were atop Hart Mountain in southeast Oregon."More

What's old is young again: Chiappa's Citadel M1-22 rifle
What do you get when a classic WWII gun collides with a plinking-man's .22 rifle? The Chiappa Citadel M1-22. Fans of the original M1 Carbine will quickly recognize the trademark features of the old standby now replicated into a svelte, light, low-budget shooter built to tickle the fancies of both youngsters and the young-at-heart.More

Lion and the lamb: Saving Catalina sheep means losing lions
The Daily Wildcat
Few things pull at heartstrings quite as intensely as adorable, loveable animals. Who among us hasn't cried while watching "Bambi"? Animals are wonderful, and no one wants to hear about them meeting untimely ends. As a result, it's easy to be confused by the seemingly failed efforts to repopulate the Santa Catalina Mountains with bighorn sheep.More

Whitetail hunting tips: Secrets to off-season scouting
Outdoor Life
While most hunters spend their spring weekends waiting for turkey season, Aaron Milliken spends hour after hour studying Google Earth.More

Wild Horse Island finishes capture of bighorn sheep
Great falls Tribune
Sixty-one bighorn sheep were captured on Wild Horse Island State Park on Feb. 26-27 as part of an effort to keep their population in line with the available habitat.More

Researchers: Yellowstone grizzlies not in decline
Lexington Herald-Leader
A government-sponsored research team has concluded there are no signs of decline among Yellowstone's grizzly bears as officials consider lifting the animals' federal protections — despite warnings from outside scientists that such a move would be premature.More

Agencies try to bolster South Dakota's bighorn sheep herd
The State
A deal struck between multiple agencies is bolstering the state's struggling bighorn sheep population. Efforts from the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks, U.S. Forest Service, Oglala Sioux Tribe Parks and Recreation Authority, Midwest Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation and Chippewa Cree Tribe in Montana brought 40 bighorns to South Dakota in January.More

Tips for keeping your legs healthy during long bird hunts
Grand View Outdoors
Scott Linden a contributor for Grand View Outdoors, writes: "Walk This Way" is more than an iconic rock tune (the original version by Aerosmith). Ambulating with some care husbands your precious energy and may save a trip to the emergency room. Where I hunt in the darkest spot in the lower 48, I am the farthest anyone can get from a hospital in the contiguous U.S. That's a good enough reason to think before I step."More