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Mar. 31, 2015

Dead bighorns blamed on livestock disease
Jackson Hole News & Guide
Bill Hoppe boasts an ancestry that reportedly dates back to the first white settlers in the Upper Yellowstone River Valley. Today, as a family patriarch, he makes no secret that he holds disdain for the federal government, and he's channeled his antagonism mostly toward his close neighbor to the south, Yellowstone National Park. Hoppe, who owns property in Jardine and Gardiner, Montana, has been a big game outfitter who's benefited handsomely over the years by offering clients guided hunts of public elk coming out of the national park every fall.More

Utah's deer herds doing well
Standard Examiner
The number of mule deer in Utah is growing. If you're a deer hunter, that's great news: it might mean more chances to hunt deer in the state this fall. Biologists base their deer hunting permit recommendations on deer classifications they do each year. During the classifications, biologists survey deer on their winter ranges to determine how many bucks, does and fawns are in the herds. What the biologists found during their most recent survey should be encouraging news for hunters and wildlife watchers alike.

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    Disappeared bighorns could be making a comeback in Arizona
    Nature World News
    No, we're not talking about football here. We're talking about the genuine article: bighorn sheep in Arizona state's Catalina Mountains. These iconic animals had utterly disappeared from the region in the 1990s, but now lambs are again being seen, with this season's newborns numbering just over a dozen.More

    Endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep moved to Yosemite, Sequoia National Parks
    Several state and federal agencies worked together to move a total of 19 Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep to the Cathedral Range in Yosemite National Park and the Laurel Creek area of Sequoia National Park in California. They will attempt to move another three rams — for a total of 22 sheep.More

    Bighorns get their checkup
    Jackson Hole News & Guide
    Wyoming wildlife scientists are in the early stages of trying to determine if well-fed, healthy bighorn sheep are less prone to contracting deadly pneumonia than sheep in poorer nutritional condition. The research builds on disease monitoring in the Jackson sheep herd in recent years, and also of herds near Dubois and Cody. The work aims to tease apart why some herds seem to better withstand disease.More

    Pack llamas get OK after proposed ban in Alaska national parks
    Alaska Dispatch News
    In January, the National Park Service proposed a ban on domesticated sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas in Alaska's national parks after someone tried to take a pet goat into Denali National Park's Savage Alpine Trail, an area utilized by Dall sheep, according to Denali National Park and Preserve public affairs officer Kris Fister. Biologists fear domesticated animals could transmit new diseases to the wild animals. More

    How to choose a gun for small-game hunting
    By John McAdams
    Most hunters have their first hunting experiences pursuing small game such as rabbits, squirrels or grouse. In addition to being lots of fun, it is also a great way to introduce new hunters to the sport and teach them some of the basic tenants of hunting. That being said, the best small-game hunting guns are usually not ideally suited for hunting big game, which often necessitates different firearms for each. Here is a guide on how to choose a gun for small-game hunting.More