WSF Mountain Minutes
May. 4, 2012

Wild Sheep Foundation launches 〈1 Club
Great ideas are often conceived around a campfire amongst old friends — one such idea was conceived by a few dedicated young WSF members who, while recognizing and appreciating those who have had the opportunity to sheep hunt, wanted to create something special to reach out to those who have not been so lucky ... Yet. Aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet fulfilled the lifelong dream of taking their first ram are members of an exclusive group, now they can become members of an exclusive club.

Wild Sheep Foundation offers 'Mountain Majesty' custom Harley-Davidson based chopper through online auction
The Wild Sheep Foundation is offering a unique and one of kind opportunity for mountain hunting and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. This opportunity is available NOW online. The Marco Polo Sheep is one of the most unique and majestic wild sheep of all — considered by most as the penultimate wild sheep ram. The Marco Polo ram is recognized for its incredible spiral horns which distinguish it from all others ... as do the Marco Polo inspired horn handle bars and other "wild sheep-like" features of this unique and one-of-a-kind custom made Harley-Davidson based chopper — The "Mountain Majesty" available now by way on online auction on the WSF website.

Big-game tag quotas figure to be on rise
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Hunters who have been waiting in line for one of Nevada's coveted big-game tags could see their chances improve significantly if the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners supports the recommendations of state wildlife biologists. Those recommendations call for increases in tags for pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, elk and mule deer. Tony Wasley, a big-game biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, calls it "great news on the big-game front."More

Highway accidents decimating bighorn sheep herd in Montana
Motor vehicle collisions have continued to decimate a bighorn sheep herd in the Thompson Falls, Mont., area and wildlife officials said the declining population has reached a new nadir and represents an alarming trend. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Bruce Sterling said he counted only 52 sheep on his annual flight this spring, a figure that pales when compared to the 270 sheep counted in 2008. The numbers reflect the number of sheep observed in the survey, Sterling said, and not the total number of sheep in the population.More

Virus killed 38 percent of bighorns in 2005
The Desert Sun
Bighorn Institute is a nonprofit research organization that has conducted research on bighorn sheep in California since 1982. The institute is permitted with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Game and Bureau of Land Management. It is almost exclusively privately funded and is an adviser to the wildlife agencies. Bighorn Institute collects field data on the local bighorn sheep herds from Palm Springs to La Quinta and provides it to the wildlife agencies.More

Conservation best taught via hunting
Longview News-Journal
People who don't hunt can misunderstand the sport replenishes ducks and wildlife of every stripe and shape, a conservationist planned to tell young Texans. "The best thing for Texas ducks is to teach kids to hunt them," said Rob Olson, president of the international Delta Waterfowl Foundation that puts resources into habitats to preserve the wildlife species. "We want to put back two ducks into the air for every one that we shoot."More

The modern hunting rifle, or MHR
Western Outdoor News
Steve Comus: "There is a new kind of bolt-action hunting rifle evolving, absent attendant fanfare to herald in its existence, to say nothing of its importance. Although the companies involved are hyping their specific model or models, there has been no significant discussion about these arms representing a separate genre. I'm talking about what I shall dub 'The Modern Hunting Rifle.' I'll admit that at least to a degree, I am stealing a concept from others in the shooting sports industry, based on what, over the past several years, has become known as the 'Modern Sporting Rifle.'"More

Bighorn sheep can be blissfully oblivious
The Desert Sun
James Cornett: "Each April I drive to a very out-of-the-way place called Zzyzx. It's about 165 miles by car from the Coachella Valley and a few miles southwest of the tiny town of Baker. If you still don't know where it is then I'll just say it is smack in the middle of the Mojave. I go there because it is the location of the Desert Studies Center managed by Cal State Fullerton. Each year the center sponsors a symposium where scientists give presentations on their latest research. I had intended to arrive early in the morning so that I might listen to as many of the presentations as possible before it was my turn. But I was late. The narrow paved roadway to the Center was blocked. Twenty-one bighorn sheep were mingling on the road and I had to stop. There were three rams and 18 ewes. These were soon joined by five more bighorn; another four ewes and one lamb that approached my vehicle from behind. I was surprised that with so many ewes there was only one lamb."More

Big-game raffle tag sales close May 7 in Oregon
Statesman Journal
You have until May 7 for a shot, at several hunts of a lifetime. Raffle tickets for drawings for 2012 deer, elk, Rocky Mountain goat, pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep big-game hunting tags. You also can buy them for another hunter. Individual tickets are priced from $4.50 for one deer-hunt raffle ticket to $11.50 for one drawing ticket for bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goat or pronghorn antelope. Multiple ticket packages are available at discounted prices.More