WSF Mountain Minutes
Jun. 4, 2013

Sheep of the Rockies
Vail Daily
The state animal for Colorado is the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis). This magnificent animal was first described by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, a Spanish explorer during his travels in New Mexico from 1540 and 1542. Today, Colorado is home to the largest population of the species anywhere.More

Surge in gun sales creates huge funding boost for state and federal wildlife programs
Outdoor Life
A Congressional Services Report documents how booming firearms and ammunition sales, spurred by fears of potentially overbearing gun control laws, have generated record-setting excise tax revenues dedicated to federal and state habitat and wildlife restoration programs.More

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks erroneously issues 2,000 big horn sheep hunting licenses
1,998 hunters may have been disappointed to find they were not selected for a bighorn sheep hunting license due to a file error sent by South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. The state Game, Fish and Parks Department issued a news release Thursday explaining approximately 2,000 hunters were incorrectly notified they had drawn a South Dakota 2013 Bighorn Sheep hunting license. The email was sent before the error was discovered.More

Linda Powell explains how to find your dream outdoor job
Outdoor Hub
Linda Powell works to promote not only the Mossberg brand as Director of Media Relations, but also the hunting and shooting sports while she continues taking the outdoor media on hunting trips all over the world. Powell has found her dream job, and you can too.More

Mountain goats tiptoe into fragile sheep country in Wyoming
A pathogen that's linked to fatal pneumonia has been detected in the nonnative mountain goats that are expanding into the territory of the fragile Teton bighorn sheep herd. Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists tranquilized four mountain goats — three nannies and a billy — from the Palisades herd in April. They took nasal and tonsil swabs and blood and fecal samples, in part to determine if the herd carries the bacteria strain Mannheimia haemolytica. They detected the pathogen in one of the four goats, South Jackson Game and Fish wildlife biologist Gary Fralick said.More

DWR will host bighorn sheep watch in Utah June 15
The Sun Advocate
Those who live in Sunnyside, Utah, share their town with some unique neighbors: A herd of wild Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. You can enjoy what those in Sunnyside get to enjoy at a free wildlife viewing event. The Division of Wildlife Resources will host the event on June 15. Biologists will be available from 5-7 p.m. to help you locate the animals and to answer your questions. Late afternoon until dusk is usually the best time to see the sheep.More

Bighorns to get 2nd chance in Catalinas
The Arizona Daily Star
Bighorn sheep — a species that was practically the symbol of the Catalina Mountains before the herd there died out in the 1990s — will soon roam the range again. State wildlife officials said 30 bighorns will be moved from a healthy herd near Yuma, Ariz., to the Pusch Ridge Wilderness in the Catalinas this fall. Additional transplants in the following two years will bring the total to more than 100 animals. The officials had acknowledged in February that a reintroduction was being considered, but they emphasized then that it was "not a foregone conclusion." Now it is.More

Bighorns to get 2nd chance in Catalinas
The Arizona Daily Star
Bighorn sheep — a species that was practically the symbol of the Catalina Mountains before the herd there died out in the 1990s — will soon roam the range again.More

Nimble sheep researcher almost gets old guy's goat
The Rapid City Journal
John Kanta and the state Game, Fish and Parks Department, and South Dakota State University together have an interesting research project in the works on the Elk Mountain bighorn sheep herd.More

US District Court dismisses lawsuit to ban traditional ammunition
Ammo Land
The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed a lawsuit brought by the radical anti-hunting Center for Biological Diversity and six other groups demanding the Environmental Protection Agency ban traditional ammunition containing lead components.More

How do you break in your barrels and should you bother?
American Hunter
Keith Wood, a contributor for American Hunter, writes: "Recently, I had my .280 Ackley rebarreled with a 26-inch stainless blank from Lilja. It was a great all-around rifle with the 24-inch Douglas barrel that it wore for 10+ years, but now I have a larger selection of big game rifles to choose from and I wanted something that filled a more specific niche. This rifle is to be used to send 140 gr. bullets as fast as I can push them while maintaining accuracy, for hunting deer in wide-open spaces. Essentially, I've always wondered what the rifle would do with a 26-inch barrel and it was time to find out. Practical? No. It's my money (no, I don't get free barrels)."More

Bighorns are big story
There's only one word to describe what the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has done in returning a long-lost species to the state: big; as in bighorn sheep, and some big bighorn sheep, at that. Fifteen months after relocating a bighorn sheep herd from Alberta, Canada, to Jim Voeller's Sowbelly Ranch northeast of Harrison, Neb., in February 2012, and about a year after their first lamb crop in the state, the sheep are healthy, doing fine and, well, big. "They're huge," Game and Parks wildlife manager Todd Nordeen recently told The World-Herald's David Hendee.More