Mountain Minutes
June. 10, 2011

Wyoming Game and Fish: Heavy mule deer fawn mortality
Billings Gazette
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says winter was hard on mule deer in western Wyoming. Preliminary counts show between 45 and 60 percent mortality among mule deer fawns in the Sublette herd and up to 75 percent mortality among fawns in the Wyoming Range herd. Game and Fish wildlife managers say those are some of the worst losses in the Wyoming Range herd since 1990, when records started being kept. MOREMore

The call — or cull — of the wild
CBS News
From the moment it leaped out of captivity on Jan. 12, 1995 the wolf has been fruitful and multiplied and replenished the earth. From a dozen Canadian transplants, 1,700 individuals in 250 packs now roam our Rocky Mountain wilds. So, victory for the Endangered Species Act? Not exactly.More

America's top 5 wild-game meats
American Hunter
Most non-hunters respect the notion of hunting for food, while they tend to disregard motivations about trophies and sport. So, no matter what a hunter's full suite of motivations are—be they antlers, sport, time spent with family in a natural environment, etc.—we can win the hearts and minds of our adversaries by being outspoken and resourceful users of our country's prolific renewable source of wild meat.More

Mark Zuckerberg's new challenge: Eating only what he kills
CNN Money
Last year Mark Zuckerberg set out to learn Chinese. Now he's determined to get in touch with his food. If the goats, lobsters and chickens of Silicon Valley aren't trembling, they should be. When he's not too busy connecting people across the universe, Mark Zuckerberg is pursuing a new "personal challenge," as he calls it. "The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself," says the Facebook founder and CEO. More

Anti-poaching idea gets wings
IOL Scitech
When Lawrence Munro finally arrived at the scene of the killing of a white rhino, maggots had beaten the section ranger of Ezemvelo Wildlife Park to the two-week-old carcass. But the smell of putrefaction still lingered in the air. The grass was flattened 10 meters in every direction, evidence that the animal put up a heroic struggle.More

Springtime velvet
Sportsman Channel
Springtime is a busy time for things such as the melting of winter's snow to the birth of a pair of whitetail fawns. Another is the beginning of antler growth for a whitetail deer buck. From early to late spring they will slowly start to grow and form at a most rapid rate, sometimes up to one inch a day.More

Taxidermists meet in Poncha, Colo.
The Mountain Mail
Trophies exhibited at the State Taxidermy Championships were proud moments for hunters and fishermen and demonstrated mastery of taxidermy artists each selected to create the mounts. Gayle Zimmerman, president of the Colorado Taxidermists Association, said the annual event draws more entries than those in most other states.More