WSF Mountain Minutes
Jun. 10, 2015

Pneumonia strikes Montana-area bighorn herd
For the second time in six years, the bighorn sheep herd in the East Fork of Montana's Bitterroot Mountains appears to be suffering a die-off from an outbreak of pneumonia. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' Bitterroot-based biologist Rebecca Mowry is asking for people's help in keeping tabs on the herd in an effort to keep the illness from spreading. The bacteria-caused pneumonia was recently verified.More

SCI record book top Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
Hunt Forever
It has been said that of all the world's sheep, the Rocky Mountain bighorn — especially one with horns of trophy proportions —is by far the most difficult to collect. Surveys indicate that bighorn hunts have the lowest success ratios of all sheep hunts. There are compensations, however. More

Wolf worries lead to hiring of wildlife-conflict specialist
The Spokesman-Review
The state of Washington has hired an internationally known wildlife-conflict specialist to help defuse tensions over the state's expanding wolf population. Francine Madden is the executive director of the Human Wildlife Conflict Collaboration. Madden was awarded an $83,000 contract by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to prepare a report analyzing the level of conflict over wolves in Washington. More

As antelope die-off ends, the mystery deepens
The dying may be over but the accounting has just begun. More than a hundred thousand antelope have perished in one area in just a few weeks and scientists are left with no idea — yet — of what caused it or why it has extinguished itself. That’s the strange and deadly mystery playing out right now in Kazakhstan among the herds of a critically endangered kind of antelope called the saiga.More

Biologist digs into British Columbia's bighorn sheep migratory behavior
The Columbia Valley Poineer
The bighorn sheep may begin to shift their migratory direction away from Radium and back into the elements with some help. The Village of Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada, recently received a $10,000 grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to develop a strategy to encourage bighorn sheep migration outside of the community to reinforce spring migratory behavior of bighorn sheep — a project that has been underway since earlier this year.More

Montana criticized for practical solution to orphaned moose
The Spokesman-Review
Montana wildlife officials gave a good, practical explanation of why they killed a moose calf orphaned after it's mother died delivering its stillborn twin. But the man who found the cute survivor apparently wanted a miracle and a lot of money thrown down a heart-bleeding money hole.More

How to clean your over-and-under shotgun
By Irwin Greenstein
The best way to ensure the longevity and performance of your over-and-under shotgun is to keep it clean. That might sound like an onerous chore, but you can effectively clean an over-and-under in less than 20 minutes on your kitchen counter. The biggest culprits that foul your shotgun are residues from the shotgun shells. Lead, plastic and gas residues accumulate inside the barrel, potentially affecting the patterns of your ammunition and accuracy of your shots. Meanwhile, the receiver tends to collect powder deposits inside that build up over time.More