WSF Mountain Minutes
Jul. 7, 2015

Arizona Big Game Super Raffle deadline rapidly approaching
The 2015 Arizona Big Game Super Raffle deadline is rapidly approaching and online sales end Sunday evening July 12. This year's drawing will be held on July 23 and aired via a live webcast at 6 p.m. The drawing will be webcast from the Department's website ( The lucky winners will be able to hunt for a 365 day period beginning Aug. 15 and have an excellent opportunity to harvest a record book trophy with the extended season and wide choice of statewide units available to hunt in.More

Wildlife corridor to protect bighorn sheep
Montana's bighorn sheep herds have suffered over the past few years. Many herds have been hit hard with pneumonia, leading to major die-offs across the state, specifically the Tendoy and Anaconda herds. Recently, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust approved a $224,040 grant to the Montana Chapter of the Wildlife Sheep Foundation to create a new wildlife corridor along Highway 1 in Montana.More

FWP biologist kills 2 bighorn rams that mingled with domestic sheep
The Billings Gazette
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks killed two young bighorn rams recently after they were found mingling with domestic sheep. The bighorns were 28 miles south of Malta, Montana, well away from their normal habitat. The meat was donated to local families, and the horns will be used for educational purposes. More

Scat-sniffing dogs unleashing wildlife science
The Spokesman-Review
Poop-sniffing dogs could help unlock many mysteries about wolves and their role in the ecosystem. And the dogs could be key to getting the public to understand the science involved, experts say. Since 1997, Samuel Wasser of the University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology has been proving that certain dogs can be easily trained to locate scat from specific species. The use of dogs rescued from shelters for a wolf-related project underway in northeastern Washington.More

Slow down for bighorn sheep
Missoula Independent
A large handmade sign alerts drivers to slow for bighorn lambs along a straight, narrow section of road in Missoula, Montana. Landowner Deb Peltier put up the sign earlier this year, frustrated with minimal efforts made by the county and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to help protect wild sheep from speeding vehicles.More

Pregnant mule deer: Poached
Arizona Game and Fish Department officials came upon an incredibly gruesome poaching crime scene when they responded to a report of a dead doe near Chino Valley. Wildlife officers found the deer's carcass along with two full-term fawns discarded in the gut pile. The carcas had been dumped after the desirable meat had been removed.More

.577-450 Martini-Henry: The right arm of the British Empire
By John McAdams
Adopted by the British Army in 1871, the .577-450 Martini-Henry was a modification of the .577 Snider Cartridge that was reduced down to .45 caliber. Specifically designed to be used in the new Martini-Henry rifle, the .577-450 Martini-Henry cartridge was used by soldiers and hunters in the British Empire for many decades. Though the cartridge is now obsolete and has since fallen out of use, the .577-450 can still be an effective hunting cartridge under certain circumstances.More