Mountain Minutes
Sept. 2, 2011

Hunting with a mission
The Great Falls Tribune
Alvin and Diane Wright of Great Falls, Mont., took the trip of a lifetime recently. The two embarked on an African wild game hunt, where they harvested more than nine exotic species of animals during their 10 days of hunting. They also spent several days serving the impoverished and aids-infested areas of South Africa which few people take the time to see. Their outfitter, Rufus Luttig, owns HuntSA, a one-of-a-kind company that combines big-game hunting with mission trips serving the poorest children of South Africa.More

The ultimate shotshell guide for birds, waterfowl and turkeys
Field & Stream
One shotgun can take any bird from a two-ounce rail to a 25-pound tundra swan if you choose the right ammunition. But selecting the best shotshell for the job isn't so simple, because shot patterns are as individual as snowflakes.More

Meetings planned on desert bighorn sheep proposal
Houston Chronicle
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has scheduled two public meetings in southern New Mexico to discuss a recommendation to delist desert bighorn sheep from the state's threatened and endangered species list. The meetings will be the evening of Sept. 6 in Deming and Truth or Consequences.More

The buck stops at double ought
Big Game Hunt
The first glimpse was of a doe, the second of a yearling struggling to keep up. The third glimpse was of horn. Doug Humphreys followed the buck with the bead on his barrel as best he could and tried to anticipate when he might hit an opening clear enough for a shot. The buck's chest flashed through a hole in the brush and Humphreys fired on instinct. The buck only made it ten yards after the shot; most of that distance was simply the result of momentum. As Humphreys walked to the buck that lay still, never having known what hit him, Humphreys was thankful that on this day he had chosen to go in to the field with a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. Humphreys is quite sure no other weapon could have made that shot.More

Iowa in middle of lead-shot skirmish
USA Today
A decision by a panel of Iowa lawmakers last week allowing lead ammunition for dove-hunting is the latest salvo in a national battle over whether hunters should be permitted to use traditional lead shot and bullets.Iowa is bucking the trend in not stiffening regulations on lead shot, at least for this season. Two-thirds of states ban lead ammo in some situations.More

Serious shooters are lining up for a chance to hunt feral hogs from helicopters
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"Pork choppers," Texas' newest weapon in the war on feral hogs, will take to the skies when it becomes legal for hunters to buy seats on hog-hunting helicopters and gun down as many pigs as they can put in their sights. With more than 2 million feral hogs rooting around the Lone Star State, there will be plenty of targets for aerial gunners willing to pay $475 for an hour of heli-hunting.More

Waverly, Texas, man wins Nebraska bighorn permit lottery
Houston Chronicle
A 28-year-old Waverly, Texas, man has won the lottery for a Nebraska bighorn sheep permit. Tyson Ritz is a deer hunter who has won the right to hunt and kill a bighorn during the season that runs Nov. 29-Dec. 22.More

Maximizing your hunting time with trail cameras
Big Game Hunt
Over the last five years, probably no other "gadget" has changed the way we scout more than the trail camera. For many of us, running trail cameras is a hobby in itself, bringing a whole new excitement to our deer hunting efforts. Much more than just something to pass time, however, running trail cameras can give you a unique insight into the patterns of deer on your hunting properties and really tip the odds in your favor for harvesting a mature whitetail. Let's take a look at the features to look for when purchasing a trail camera, and how to get the maximum benefit from the camera once you have made your purchase.More