Mountain Minutes
Sept. 9, 2011

Big horn sheep found with goats in Wyoming
Houston Chronicle
Wyoming game managers recently euthanized a big horn sheep found north of Gillette. The big horn had wandered into Campbell County in early July and was found among a herd of goats. Because the big horn was among a herd of goats, the Wyoming Game and Fish policy is to kill the big horn sheep in order to prevent the transmission of disease from spreading to either domestic or wild animals.More

US 93 to Hoover Dam Project receives top environmental award
Arizona Department of Transportation
The Arizona Department of Transportation has been nationally recognized for its creative and innovative solutions on a project that makes traveling safer for motorists, while protecting wildlife and connecting ecosystems. Desert Bighorn Sheep The Federal Highway Administration awarded one of its top environmental honors, the 2011 Exemplary Ecosystem Initiative Award, to ADOT for the successful completion of the US 93 Hoover Dam to milepost 17 project, which opened to the public before Thanksgiving last year. The project widened US 93 to a modern four-lane divided highway and includes three wildlife crossings for bighorn sheep in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.More

HSUS earns low rating among charities
Drovers Cattle Network
Once again, the American Institute of Philanthropy has awarded the Humane Society of the United States a "D" rating in its Charity Rating Guide. The report, which AIP publishes three times each year, is based on a rigorous analysis of charitable organizations, and serves as a guide to donors who look for independent information before selecting charities to support.More

Wildlife HEADGEAR: Learn what those 'horns' are called
Loveland Reporter-Herald
Like helmets, hats and scarves, headgear for wildlife is important for protection as well as a fashion statement for attracting the opposite sex. While horns and antlers may look similar, they are very different in appearance and composition. A healthy bull elk produces a healthy set of antlers. Those racks aren't just there for looks — in most cases a good set of antlers determines whether genes will be passed on to the next generation. The bigger his rack, the more attention he will get from cows, earning him the right to mate with as many of them as possible.More

Hard hunting doesn't diminish the thrill of it
Idaho Statesman
Last year Roger Phillips posed the question, "Has hunting gotten harder?" He showed the 30-year history of big game harvests, which showed recent harvest rates for big game animals is below the 30-year average, but not by a lot. Here's an update: Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported that hunters killed 44,328 deer in 2010, and the 30-year average is about 53,000. Elk hunters bagged 17,523, fewer than the 30-year average of about 18,754.More

Juvenile mountain lion shot and killed in Boise, Idaho
Idaho Statesman
Idaho Fish and Game officials say it was the right move for an Ada County Sheriff's deputy to shoot and kill a juvenile mountain lion. District Conservation Officer Bill London said he was pretty sure the lion was the same one that was spotted over the past several weeks in other parts of Boise, which was evidence the mountain lion was becoming "habituated" to an urban environment.More

Iraq injuries don't stop avid hunter, thanks to Wounded Warrior Project
McCook Daily Gazette
Eric Edmundson has been hunting "since he was old enough to walk," said his father, Ed. Since Eric was a child, he's kept a list of game he wanted to hunt. But hunting for Eric is a little bit different than for other hunters. In Oct. 2005, he was wounded in Iraq by an IED while driving a Stryker vehicle.More

Elk calling champ: Follow the 'ARC' to hunting success
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
You might expect a top elk caller to focus his hunting advice on proper call selection, volume, tone, timing or teamwork. But the winner of the 2011 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Leupold World Elk Calling Championships says perhaps the most critical step to calling in elk is how you set-up to intercept an approaching bull.More

North Dakota business puts new spin on taxidermy
A Valley City, N.D., business owner is taking taxidermy to the next level. He's giving hunters a new way to showcase their harvest. What started as a framing business has now turned into an art form. Delmere McLean is known for his creative custom framings and is now quickly making a name for himself in the taxidermy world. His Skullpture Mount creation has hit the market and it's getting a lot of attention. He says it can be a little overwhelming.More

CIC warns hunters, museums of rising rhino horn thefts
Lone Star Outdoor News
Hunters fortunate enough to travel to Africa to harvest a rhino need to take extra precautions to protect their investments once they make it to their trophy rooms. According to the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, rhino horn thefts from museums and homes have been reported in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and South Africa.More