WSF Mountain Minutes
Sep. 28, 2012

US Senate moves forward on priority sportsmen's legislation
Hunting Life
The U.S. Senate voted in favor of two measures important to the sportfishing industry that will, among other things, conserve recreationally important fish stocks, restore fish habitat and support fishing access. The sportfishing industry applauds the Senate for prioritizing the concerns of the recreational fishing community amidst a variety of other important legislation actions that must take place prior to the end of the year.More

Hunting, fishing rebound in US
USA Today
More Americans are heading outdoors to hunt and fish for fun, reversing a two-decade-long decline among adults. Eleven percent more Americans, ages 16 and older, fished, and 9 percent more hunted in 2011 than in 2006, according to a new five-year survey from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The kids went, too. Of those ages 6 to 15, 13 percent more hunted, from 1.6 million to a record 1.8 million, and 2 percent more fished, from 8.3 million to 8.5 million, during the same period.More

Cool weather pays off for early moose hunters
Bangor Daily News
Ed Csenga has hunted big game around the globe, but one classic adventure had been missing from his resume, he admitted. He'd never been on a Maine moose hunt. In June, the Keene, N.H., man learned that his luck had changed — twice.More

Hunters active but Canada geese thrive in Minnesota
La Crosse Tribune
The population of Canada geese appears to be increasing in Minnesota, even as hunters in the state have been more aggressive about killing the birds, state wildlife officials said. The state Department of Natural Resources estimates there were 434,000 Canada geese in the state this spring, well above the department's population goal of 250,000, according to a St. Paul Pioneer Press report. Last year, Minnesota hunters killed nearly 239,000 Canada geese, compared to about 181,000 mallards harvested. Even with those numbers, along with the margins of error in counting bird populations, DNR manager Steve Cordts said there's little doubt about one thing: "The population is increasing again."More

Cast and blast: Hunters shouldn't spare the fishing rod
The Spokesman-Review
Diversified sportsmen can be conflicted during fall hunting season, since it's also one of the best times for fishing. Tuna are migrating past the Washington coast. Salmon are streaming into Columbia and Snake River tributaries. Steelhead are high-tailing over dams to wintering areas. Crowds have left the Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe rivers, even though the cutthroat fishing is as supreme. Fish in high mountain lakes are feeding as though winter is just around the corner, because it is. The "cast and blast" trip is the way to go for hunters who want to do it all.More

Deer disease kills thousands, weeks before hunting season
A disease is killing thousands of deer in Michiana, Mich., and across two dozen counties, reported the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. DNR said they likely were killed by epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD. Many sportsmen are wondering what effect this will have on hunting season.More

Montana, Wyoming investigate plummeting moose populations
Rapid City Journal
In the past 30 years, the population of Shiras moose in northwestern Wyoming has declined, in some places precipitously. Alarmed by the swift downturn, researchers have been studying the largest knobby-kneed member of the deer family to try to figure out what's happening, looking at everything from parasites to predators, disease to habitat and birth rates. In conjunction, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has considerably reduced its annual moose harvest in the region, no longer allowing cow moose hunting in the northwest and significantly limiting bull moose tags.More

Moose hunting requires plenty of energy
The Ottawa Sun
No other sporting activity requires as much finesse or is as steeped in history and tradition as moose hunting. Beginning with construction of a traditional aboriginal birch-bark horn to learning a set of skilled calls, pursuing the elusive Canada moose is as an activity for the highly motivated. It is a pursuit requiring great patience and skill.More

Idaho wildlife agents use game decoys to catch road hunters
The Associated Press via The Oregonian
You hear about them from hunters coming back from the woods: road hunters, nefarious scofflaws who shoot from their trucks in hopes of bagging easy game. As Idaho's hunting season heats up, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is rolling out its anti-road hunting weapons: big game decoys.More