Mountain Minutes
Oct. 22, 2010

Bringing back the goats
The Daily Inter Lake
Mountain Goats mostly blinked out on the Whitefish Range of Montana sometime in the 1960s, but now there is a proposal to bring mountain goats back. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks propose transplanting about 15 goats from the Crazy Mountains to Stryker Peak as early as Jan. 2011.More

Bighorn sheep reappearing in Rock Creek, Mont., after deadly pneumonia outbreak
The Missoulian
Bighorn sheep are appearing along the Rock Creek roadside in Montana again, after a devastating outbreak of pneumonia threatened the herd's survival last winter. "The pneumonia continued to kill bighorns in upper and lower Rock Creek in the months following the spring surveys," said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife manager Mike Thompson. "So we really didn't know how many or how few might survive into the rut this fall."More

Cats, big and small, roam the Tucson Mountains in Arizona
The University of Arizona
Using infrared-triggered cameras at 65 sites, University of Arizona researchers captured 36 photographs of mountain lions roaming the Tucson Mountains in Arizona. The study confirmed that lions in at least two age groups – adults and almost-grown kittens – use the Tucson Mountains as either their home range or are in transit.More

Which scope should I buy
When buying a scope for a deer hunting rifle, you want to get the best you can afford. Russ Chastain strongly recommends against buying a junk scope, by which he means just about any scope that sells new for less than $120 or so - and even at that low price range one should be wary. There are plenty of scopes that sell for $30-$40, but Chastain wouldn't put them on anything more than a squirrel rifle.More

Prop. 109 protects Arizona wildlife
The Arizona Republic
Proposition 109 is a constitutional amendment that would establish the right of Arizonans to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife lawfully. It would prohibit any law or rule that unreasonably restricts those activities or the use of traditional means and methods. Lawful hunting and fishing would be the preferred means of wildlife management.More

Hiker died while warning others of aggressive mountain goat
The Peninsula Daily News
Bob Boardman died as a hero, warning off other hikers as an aggressive mountain goat closed in on him, according to a witness. With two pointed horns, the ram fatally gored Boardman in the thigh, then stood over the man as he lay bleeding, staring at people trying to help. Boardman's death on was the first human death caused by an animal in the 72-year-old history of Olympic National Park in Washington, park spokeswoman Barb Maynes said.More

Study: Wild cats are marked for camouflage
U.K. wildlife researchers say leopards' spots and tigers' stripes are a camouflage adaptation determined by their habitats and hunting habits. In a new study, researchers examined the markings of 37 species of wild cats and focused on the patterns' detailed shapes and complexities, believed to be vital for the success of the camouflage.More

Waterfowl season looks promising
The Sun
Waterfowl hunting season opened Oct. 22, throughout Southern California and Eastern Sierra Nevada, and it kicked off Oct. 21, along the Colorado River. The forecast is for significantly more birds in the Pacific Flyway this hunting season compared to last year. In fact, Ducks Unlimited says the fall flight will be one of the best since the mid-1950s, when waterfowl populations were first tallied and flight forecasts made.More

World record deer shot in San Juan, Calif., 42 years ago
San Juan Record
A deer hunter from southeastern Utah discovered recently that he was not only famous but richer because of a lucky shot 42 years ago. A fascinating story for sure. A story which resonates with every person who has ever had a trophy mule deer buck in his sights...especially those who missed. But, to bag the buck with the biggest spread in the history of the world. It's been four decades in the making, but here's the story.More