Mountain Minutes
Nov. 4, 2011

Desert bighorn sheep taken off state endangered species list
Farmington Daily Times
The New Mexico State Game Commission voted in Farmington to take the desert bighorn sheep off the state endangered species list. The decision comes after a 30-year recovery effort that brought the number of bighorn sheep in New Mexico from around 50 to more than 600 said Elise Goldstein, a biologist for the Game and Fish Department.More

Oregon has new wolf pack in Snake River country
The Register Guard
Oregon has a new wolf pack in the Hells Canyon area along the Idaho border, and two members of the state's original pack have split off to roam new territory in the central part of the state — developments that move the state closer to taking wolves off the state endangered species list. State wolf coordinator Russ Morgan said that tracks show at least five wolves in the Snake River unit, near the northern end of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area on the Idaho border. Photos show at least one pup. Morgan emphasized that they have only been able to document five, and there could well be more.More

Bighorn sheep back in the Virginia Range of Nevada
Reno Gazette-Journal
For the first time in more than a century, bighorn sheep are back in the Virginia Mountain Range of Northern Nevada. The Nevada Department of Wildlife and volunteers from conservation groups, released eight desert bighorn sheep into Virginia Mountains south and east of Reno. It's the first step in an effort to re-establish a population of Nevada's state animal there for the first time since the 1880s.More

Keeping disabled in the hunt
Lewiston Sun Journal
Most outdoorsmen or hunters who become disabled like Ken Davis, still want to pursue their passion, if at all possible. There are some remarkable, inspiring stories about chronically disabled outdoorsmen who, through courage and sheer grit, found a way back into the woods in spite of their handicap. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of organized programs throughout the country specifically created to help get wounded veterans and other disabled outdoorsmen back in the outdoors. One is called Get Back Outdoors.More

4 elk for 3 hunters called a rare hunt
The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diegan Dave Wilder, his son, Tim, and friend, Don Kinley, returned from one of their "do-it-yourself" elk hunts in Colorado with a wild tale of four elk for three hunters. "Do-it-yourself" means no guide, no outfitter, no frills and lots of hiking, packing and camping in the wilderness. Wilder said his son, Tim, went off to use the "outdoor facilities" early one morning, but took his gun with him, "just in case." A minute after he left, his dad heard a shot. The Wilders had their first cow elk.More

Pulling the trigger on gender stereotypes
Northern Life
"So, do you actually hunt?" The man looked Laurel Myers up and down. She was clad in an oversized blaze orange coat and matching tuque, her camouflage pants stretching over a pair of heavy rubber boots. Her hair, tucked earnestly beneath her tuque, was something a bird would have been comfortable to call its home. And her hands may even have had some dried grouse blood on them. Myers shotgun was strapped to the dash of her dad's RTV, which she had just climbed out of moments earlier, and shotgun shells rattled against the large hunting knife in her front pocket. Clearly, she wasn't there for the shopping.More

44 wolf tags filled in Montana so far
Billings Gazette
Hunters through the second weekend of the rifle season for wolves bagged 44 of the large predators throughout Montana. The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks had checked 44 wolves in the 14 districts statewide. Biologists said that signifies a steady kill with roughly four weeks of deer and elk hunting and two full months of the wolf season remaining.More

Wyoming hunter escapes Grand Teton National Park grizzly bear attack with minor injuries
The Washington Post
A grizzly bear has attacked another person in the Yellowstone region, this time a Wyoming hunter who said the animal came at him with so little warning he had no time to use the pepper spray he was carrying for defense in just such a predicament. This has been a dangerous year in grizzly country: The big bears that can weigh more than 450 pounds have attacked about 10 people in and around Yellowstone National Park, killing two hikers in separate attacks in Yellowstone.More

Montana program exposes teens to hunting
Some teens got the chance to learn hunting skills in Cascade County, Mont., thanks to a cooperative effort among several groups. One of the teens, Cole Schippers, shot his second deer during a recent outing. Cole said, "At first you adrenaline gets up and you get excited, then you realize you have to calm down to get a shot just gotta relax and breath. After you shoot it you get really excited and you just want to go look at it right away."More