Pet Industry Briefs
Apr. 17, 2012

Can you design your own luck?
Luck is about persevering through good and bad times, and seeking opportunities that will get your business to the next stage. It's essential to have a clear direction, work hard at doing the right business activities (sweat equity on its own is not enough), make the right connections, believe in what you're doing, and then seize the opportunities that align with your goals and avoid those that don't.More

Social customer service: Best practices
In today's competitive landscape, customer service is more important then ever. Conversations now echo across sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media neighborhoods. It's leveled the playing field, enabling businesses of all sizes to interact directly with customers like never before. And because the voice of the consumer has never been more powerful or influential than in today's marketing paradigm, it has the potential to spread virally in an instant. Do companies understand this? It appears they do not.More

6 best practices for creating in-house video content
Business 2 Community
Adding video content to your inbound marketing in the form of testimonials or video blogs can be extremely valuable. Here are 6 simple best practices to help your Web videos look professional.More

Top 10 resources to drive traffic to your website
A website is good for nothing if it does not receive a good volume of traffic. Without traffic, there are no visitors — and without visitors, there are no sales. If you are planning for ecommerce website development, it is important to incorporate some of the resources which help drive traffic your way.More

Diamond halts pet food production at South Carolina plant
Veterinary Practice News
Diamond Pet Foods of Meta, Mo., suspended all production at its Gaston, S.C., plant, following a dog food recall last week due to salmonella concerns, the company reported. Diamond ceased production at the plant on April 8, 2012, two days after it recalled several lots of Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice dry dog food due to potential contamination with salmonella.More

Florida town to adopt ban on pets
Notwithstanding the Mayor's opposition to a pet ban, the Hallandale Beach City, Fla., Commission voted in favor of just such a proposal at its April 4, 2012 meeting; the final vote is set for April 18. The ban on the sale or transfer of dogs and cats by pet stores has only one exemption; for animals that "were bred and reared on the premises of the person or pet store." Animal shelters and rescues, however, are free to sell dogs and cats under this proposal, even if they operate "out of or in connection with a pet store."More

Stores, workplaces more pet friendly
Detroit Free Press
Today, dogs are welcome at places that were off limits to pets just a few years ago. No one is keeping track of the number of dog-friendly employers, but taking Fido to work and elsewhere appears to be a growing trend.More