Pet Industry Briefs
Jun. 26, 2012

Understanding retail's 3rd shelf
Retail Customer Experience
There have always been two "shelves" in retail. The first can be found in the retail store and is where the product is most often evaluated and ultimately purchased. The second shelf is in the consumer's home and is where trial usage takes place and with any luck, loyalty and advocacy built. For the last several centuries, marketers have spent all of their time, money and energy understanding how consumers behave in front of these two shelves. However, there is now a third shelf that marketers need to get their heads around quickly.More

Forget micromanagement: 12 team techniques that work
Small Business Trends
Small Business Trends asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation only nonprofit organization comprised of the country's most promising young entrepreneurs, the following question to find out what their secrets to retaining their clients: "How do you keep your team on task without becoming a micromanager?" Here's what they had to say.More

High income or low, consumers still concerned about price
Retailing Today
A new report from Acosta Sales and Marketing reveals that consumers at all income levels consider price before making a purchase, showing that economic concerns affect everyone. The survey found that despite divergent shopping behaviors, shoppers with annual incomes of less than $45,000, as well as shoppers with annual incomes higher than $100,000, are making purchasing decisions based on similar factors, including price.More

How to win the 'war for talent'
Still having trouble finding the right people to hire, despite the rocky job market? That wouldn't surprise Andrew Winston, a former Boston Consulting Group employee and environmental business strategy author There's a "war for talent," Winston told an audience at the World Innovation Forum in New York. Even with high unemployment, companies are having trouble hiring top talent. "It's about a match of skills," Winston said.More

California groomer bill set to pass committee
Although discussions with Senator Juan Vargas on groomer legislation in California resulted in a number of positive changes to the original bill, PIJAC was forced to formally submit its opposition to Senate Bill 969 to the California Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection in advance of its scheduled hearing. The committee had postponed a hearing set for June 19 in order to incorporate amendments to the bill, and a June 20 version of SB 969 did include additional improvements. However, several provisions on which the pet industry insisted to ensure that an effective voluntary certification program could be established without imposing unreasonable restrictions on groomers were omitted.More

The Voice: Cee Lo ditches Purrfect The Cat for Ladybird, a pink Moluccan cockatoo
Access Hollywood via Yahoo News
With a new season comes a new animal sidekick for "The Voice" coach Cee Lo Green. Gone are the days of Purrfect, the white cat with the mysterious glint in her eye who sat in Cee Lo's lap during the NBC reality competition. Now, the "Forget You" singer has moved on to a feathered friend — Lady, a pink Moluccan cockatoo.More

Pet360 acquires PetStyle
Pet Product News
Pet media and ecommerce company Pet360 Inc. acquired pet lifestyle network PetStyle LLC for an undisclosed sum, Pet360 reported today. "The acquisition of PetStyle expands the depth of our video and article offerings beyond the No. 1 vet-approved health and wellness content available on," said Rose Hamilton, chief marketing officer of Pet360.More