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I am a dental assistant !
By Dr. Carolyn Breen, ADAA President
From the first "Lady in Waiting" or female attendant in the dental office to the dental assistant of the present, the scope of practice and responsibilities delegated to dental assistants has changed drastically over the years. Depending upon the state in which one is employed, there are a variety of significant intraoral procedures performed by chairside dental assistants on patients on a daily basis under the supervision of the dentist. The functions performed by dental assistants require background knowledge, manual dexterity, coordination and proficiency of multiple significant skills. As educators, you have a primary role in sharing this knowledge with future dental assistants as they prepare to take their place in the profession with their peers.
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Celebrate DARW with our 13-13-13 promotion
In celebration of Dental Assistants Recognition Week, the ADAA is offering a special promotion for the Fellowship and Mastership Programs. As part of the $13 for 13 days in 2013 promotion, starting today for 13 days, we will be offering the application fee for the enrollment into the Fellowship or Mastership program for only $13! That’s $27 in savings! Commemorate DARW this year by taking advantage of this great deal and sign up today! As the profession of dental assisting moves forward, you should move forward too. Become a Fellow or Master of the American Dental Assistants Association, put your experience and education to the challenge today.

Take the program's challenging path to:
  • Increased value to your patients and practice
  • Enhanced confidence in your dental assisting capabilities
  • Public recognition of professional achievement
  • Increased professional status
  • Satisfaction of increased education
  • Enhancement of self-esteem
Experience the satisfaction of achievement.

Click here to download the application and sign up!

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  OPTIM 33TB, exceptional cleaning & disinfection capabilities.

• 1 minute bactericidal & virucidal claim
• 30 second sanitizer
• 5 minute TB claim
• EPA Cat. 4: lowest toxicity level on EPA toxicity category
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Knowledge base for hand hygiene
Inside Dental Assisting
Accumulated documentation in the scientific literature strongly supports a connection between improved hand hygiene practices and reduction of infections among patients. With specific regard to dentistry, however, there is little documented information describing microbial transmission from the hands of dental healthcare workers to patients. As a result, epidemiological and clinical findings from acute-care sites provide the majority of the knowledge base for hand hygiene infection-control recommendations concerning DHCW and patient risks.
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Postmenopausal smokers risk greater tooth loss
Postmenopausal women who have smoked are at much higher risk of losing their teeth than women who never smoked, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo in New York, the study involved 1,106 women who participated in the Buffalo OsteoPerio Study, an offshoot of the Women's Health Initiative, the largest clinical trial and observational study ever undertaken in the U.S., involving more than 162,000 women across the nation, including nearly 4,000 in Buffalo.
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ADAA STUDENTS: Could you use $750 or even $500? Applications are being accepted through March 15 for student awards. Don't delay, apply today! Juliette A Southard Scholarship ($750) / ADAA-HuFriedy Merit Scholar Award (free 1 year ADAA membership) / Student Achievement Award ($500)

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The psychology of flossing
World of Psychology
Dr. Mark Burhenne, a family and cosmetic dentist and founder of "Ask the Dentis"t writes: "Why is it so tough to remember to floss? I rarely run into patients who can't remember to brush their teeth twice a day, but even the most conscientious among us come to their hygiene appointment anxious and awaiting the hygienist's lecture about flossing. Flossing can be icky and awkward — no one likes feeling like they're shoving their entire fist into their mouth. But the reason why we don't make flossing a habit is a bit more complicated and has its roots in psychology."
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JADA study outlines repairs for chipped restorations
The usage of porcelain restorations among dentists — whether porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-ceramic — inevitably leads to cases of chipped restorations. Researchers from the New York University College of Dentistry and the University of Maryland School of Dentistry have completed a study that dentists in such situations may find useful. In this literature review, the researchers examined how frequently chipping occurs in certain systems and why it happens. The second aspect of the study explored the various means and strategies for repairing chipped porcelain restorations. They also had recommendations for working with different materials.
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When bulimia damages a smile, prosthodontists can fix it
PRNewswire via Inside Dental Assisting
"We don't realize how important our smile is until it's gone," reveals Allison, a recovering bulimic. She required innovative dental treatment to restore teeth damaged by bulimic erosion. The statistics are staggering.
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  50-Second Surface Disinfectant

PureLife Dental recently launched the 50-Second Solution, a next-generation surface disinfectant that kills tuberculosis in 50 seconds flat. Officially known as BioSURF, the product is non-toxic, making it safe for use around staff and patients. The 50-Second Solution is available in a 24oz spray and a 5L bottle. MORE

A team approach to electronic dental records
Mike Uretz, a nationally recognized EHR and healthcare software expert, writes: "I've been involved with many successful electronic health record implementations over the years, and one of the common denominators that contributes to that success is the application of a team approach in all aspects: discussion of EHR system benefits, system evaluation and selection, and implementation and training. The interesting thing about the human race is that we all have our unique thoughts, wants and needs. It would be folly for any one person to think that they can make EHR-based decisions for everyone else, since everyone on the team will use the system."
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Swishing with mouthwash might make a big difference in dental health
The Washington Post
Plaque had declined 26 percent more for those using the antiseptic mouthwash than for the placebo users, a recent study found. Among teeth that had plaque problems at the start of the study, 51 percent of those cleaned with the antiseptic mouthwash had less plaque at the end of the study vs. 12 percent of those cleaned with the placebo.
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Fight heart disease with a toothbrush
The Odessa American
Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. Although it declined by 33 percent from 1999-2009, cardiovascular disease kills more than 2,150 Americans each day. Affecting people of all ages, races and backgrounds, each of us have a vested interest in keeping this dreaded disease at bay. Whether it's advice from our doctors or sharing ideas among friends, we look for every conceivable angle to maximize our prevention efforts to avoid being a statistic in the continued fight against heart disease and stroke. However, many of us might be overlooking an important prevention tool: our toothbrushes.
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Is oral sex to blame for the surge in cancer of the mouth and throat?
The Atlantic
Earlier this month, the American Cancer Society released its annual Cancer Facts & Figures. The 2012 report includes some encouraging facts. Since 1990, the incidence of some common tumors including lung, colon and prostate cancer has declined.
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