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American Dental Assistants Association(ADAA) Education and Credentialing of Dental Assistants
Dr. Carolyn Breen, ADAA President
ADAA is the voice of dental assistants to the public and to all professional communities of interest. ADAA in collaboration with other notable professional organizations is working to advance and promote initiatives for quality care and patient protection in meeting the current and changing needs of the dental community. Our ability to be flexible and open-minded in adapting to the evolving healthcare environment is critical to our future as allied dental professionals and to our ability to best serve the public.

The ADAA is focused on two major themes: standardized credentialing and education of dental assistants to assure competency and safeguard the welfare of the public; and the need for enhanced recognition of the critical role dental assistants play in the provision of quality care as vital members of the dental health team.
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DARW 2014:
Get in it and Win it

The slogan for 2014's observation of Dental Assistants Recognition Week hasn't been chosen yet so here's your chance to be a winner.

Just develop a new slogan which sums up — in a few words — the professional dental assistant's contribution to today’s dental practice. The current slogan "Key to Productivity: the Professional Dental Assistant," needs to be replaced with something brief and energetic, and the lucky winner receives one years' paid membership in the ADAA.
,br> You don't need to be an ADAA member to participate in this contest, but we do limit our contestants to those working in dental assisting or related fields … education, sales, service, etc.

Please send you entries to before Aug. 10.

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West, Texas dental office remains closed following explosion
American Dental Association
Gray smoke billowed over the town as Dr. Larry Sparks made his way home on the night of April 17. West, Texas, is a community of nearly 2,800 people about 20 miles north of Waco and sits higher than the land around it, so Sparks said he could see most of the town as he drove in after 7:30 p.m. "If you've ever seen pictures of a dustbowl, that's what it looked like, except it was gray," Sparks said recently. … Sparks is the only dentist in West, and his practice sits about a half mile from the fertilizer plant.
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  OPTIM 33TB, exceptional cleaning & disinfection capabilities.

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Digital radiography for the allied dental professional
Inside Dental Assisting
Dentistry has not stood still. The new digital era is making a significant impact on the dental profession. The purpose of a digital radiography system is similar to that of the conventional system. The biggest difference is that images for a digital system are viewed and captured with a computer while conventional radiography captures its images on film that has to be processed with chemicals. The digital system can be used to expose periapical and bitewing films as well as panoramic and cephalometric films. More recent innovations include the use of digital CT scans and 3-D imaging in the dental office similar to CT scans done in hospitals and medical imaging centers.
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40 percent of dental bib clips retained aerobic bacteria; 70 percent retained anaerobic bacteria post-disinfection
Medical News Today
Researchers at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and the Forsyth Institute published a study that found that a significant proportion of dental bib clips harbored bacteria from the patient, dental clinician and the environment even after the clips had undergone standard disinfection procedures in a hygiene clinic. Although the majority of the thousands of bacteria found on the bib clips immediately after treatment were adequately eliminated through the disinfection procedure, the researchers found that 40 percent of the bib clips tested post-disinfection retained one or more aerobic bacteria, which can survive and grow in oxygenated environments.
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  50-Second Surface Disinfectant

PureLife Dental recently launched the 50-Second Solution, a next-generation surface disinfectant that kills tuberculosis in 50 seconds flat. Officially known as BioSURF, the product is non-toxic, making it safe for use around staff and patients. The 50-Second Solution is available in a 24oz spray and a 5L bottle. MORE

Tulsa, Okla., dental patients fume after exposure to disease
ABC News
More than 7,000 patients from W. Scott Harrington's Tulsa, Okla., and Owasso clinics were sent letters in late March outlining the risk of infection from poor sterilization practices and steps to obtain free blood testing. Of 3,122 patients tested by county health departments so far, 57 tested positive for hepatitis C, three tested positive for hepatitis B, and at least one tested positive for HIV. "I think everyone here in Tulsa is shocked that an oral maxillofacial surgeon was so absolutely sloppy in both his technique and his regard for patient safety," said Patrick Carr, an attorney representing one of Harrington's former patients. "It's extremely upsetting for everybody."
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8 easy steps to conducting successful, stress-free payments
By Jan Keller
Money has a strong emotional tie for all of us. Discussing it, especially when you're the one asking to be paid for something, can be downright stressful. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, the best outcome — a "win/win" where both parties feel they have an agreement that is fair and reasonable — is absolutely achievable. In addition, communication regarding fees can actually help build trust in patient relationships, if done correctly. The process that leads to implementing this type of payment arrangement is a straightforward, eight-step process that covers all aspects of the payment arrangement system.
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Antitrust exemption outdated, ADA tells Senate
American Dental Association
The American Dental Association urged Senate support for legislation "eliminating the unwarranted antitrust exemption that grants health insurers special status and permits them to ignore the competitive rules that apply to every other business in the United States." Legislation offered in the House by dentist/Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., H.R. 911, would amend the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson Act with respect to the business of health insurance, including dental benefit plans. The McCarran-Ferguson law exempts the health insurance industry from antitrust laws.
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PolitiFact Oregon: Fluoride opponents say stats show Multnomah County, Ore., has 15th lowest cavity rate nationally
The Oregonian
Portland residents will vote in May on whether to add fluoride to the city's drinking water. This is a long-running, divisive and emotional issue for people on both sides. Supporters say fluoridated water is the best way to strengthen teeth, especially for vulnerable children who lack access to regular dental care.
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The contest, which started in January and goes through Sept. 15 — the state that contributes the most money to the Foundation during that time will win their entire delegate registrations paid by the ADAAF! Click here for more details!

Are your teeth making you fat?
Dental Health Magazine
We’re seeing some unorthodox explanations as to what may be contributing to obesity. One of those suggestions: the quality of food and the bacterial flora happily existing in your mouth.

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Don't be afraid of dentists
CNN (opinion)
It is disheartening and alarming to learn that as many as 7,000 patients are at risk of serious, life-threatening infections because of dentist W. Scott Harrington's alleged failure to follow "standard infection control guidelines" at his practice in a Tulsa, Okla., suburb. Around the country, people are asking: Are U.S. oral health services safe?

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Special attention for Sjogren's syndrome in April
American Dental Association
More than 4 million Americans suffer from Sjogren's syndrome, according to the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, and the syndrome is in the spotlight in April, which is national Sjogren's Awareness Month.

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Vitamin D and calcium supplementation in women: Making sense of conflicting data
Calcium and vitamin D are two essential nutrients long known for their role in bone health. Over the last 10 years, the public has heard conflicting messages about other benefits of these nutrients, especially vitamin D, and also about how much calcium and vitamin D they need to be healthy. Long recognized as important for skeletal health, vitamin D has been of interest lately for its possible nonskeletal benefits.
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How dentists can deliver bad news with sensitivity, support
Dental professionals need to ensure that they deliver bad news to patients in a sensitive and supportive way, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Using communication to address potential concerns related to diagnosis will help ensure that the patient understands the importance of compliance with further testing and referrals. However, breaking bad news is a difficult task, for which most dental care practitioners often have received little or no education, the study authors noted.
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Study finds new iodine mouthwash may impact LDL cholesterol
Medical News Today
Cleaning your mouth and cleaning your arteries could be as simple as a once-a-day oral rinse if additional studies confirm preliminary findings about a new product. Biomedical Development Corporation on April 23 will present data to the American Academy of Oral Medicine showing that its oral rinse was safe and effective at fighting gingivitis in a recent clinical trial.
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New patient phone calls can make or break your dental practice
Dentistry IQ
Do you ever wonder how you can take your new patient experience to the next level? Do potential new patients call your office without scheduling an appointment? Do you wish you could help them decide to schedule? Since new patients are the lifeblood of your practice, the first contact with your office must be a home run every single time.
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