Power Up
Mar. 20, 2014

A thank you from AEL
A big thank you to our guests, manufacturers, and exhibitors who attended our Electrical Learning EXPO in Edmonton! Thank you for making the event a success!More

CREC's 2nd Annual Poker Tournament
Casino Edmonton — 7055 Argyll Road
April 14, 2014
Registration: 6:00-7:00 pm
Poker starts promptly at 7:00 pm

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Alberta budget using debt to fund construction
Journal of Commerce
The Alberta Budget 2014 will generate a surplus this year by implementing a debt management plan to increase capital spending financed through direct borrowing. "Our borrowing plan ensures Albertans continue to have the infrastructure they need today and in the future," said the president of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Doug Horner, during the recent budget speech. More

Can Alberta move further towards renewable energy?
Medicine Hat News
A former area MLA says he hopes restarted talk of a renewable energy framework will lead to Alberta reaching a goal of generating nearly a quarter of its electricity needs through wind, solar or geothermal energy production. During the speech from the throne earlier this month, the government pledged to diversify energy production, "and will introduce an alternative and renewable energy framework that empowers consumers to exercise choice within the market-based electricity system."More

Solar panel project at City Hall proves successful
Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune
Twelve solar panels on the roof of City Hall remain intact after a long and gruelling winter from 2013 to 2014. The energy generators were installed last May as part of a five-year experiment to determine the effect of snow on solar-powered systems. The City of Grande Prairie has reported the project as successful so far, but encountered some challenges during its early stages.More

Creating electricity out of organic waste
A Kelowna company has received national recognition. Maple Reinders were recipients of the annual Canadian Construction Association National Awards Program in the Environmental category, for their innovative Harvest Energy Garden project. In addition, KPMG has named the project one of the Top 100 Infrastructure Projects in the World. The first of its kind in North America.More

Poles chopped down, transformers stripped in brazen copper wire theft
The Vancouver Sun
Thieves caused havoc on a Langley, B.C. industrial lot when they sawed down several power poles to steal copper wire last month. Police were called to the 5700 block of Production Way, near the new 196th Street overpass. Sometime overnight, a thief or thieves had caused what police called "an astonishing amount of damage." More

More than 85 per cent of new Canadian jobs came from 1 place — Alberta
CTV News
When it comes to job creation in Canada, there's Alberta and then there's everybody else. The latest employment data last month showed that the oil-rich western province created an impressive 18,800 jobs, largely in construction, mining and oil and gas, while in the rest of the country overall employment fell. Economists warn against staking too much on any one-month data point, but the February result is no outlier. More

MacEwan University to expand by 30 per cent
CBC News
MacEwan University's downtown campus is getting significantly bigger after the province announced it will contribute $30 million to the Centre for Arts and Culture. "This signals a turning point for MacEwan University," said president David W. Atkinson in a news release. The building will allow the school to consolidate operations in the downtown core and allow for growth to more than 17,000 students from the current 13,000.More

Alberta's energy sector is Canada's saving grace
Journal of Commerce
Statistics Canada has recently published the results from its latest survey of thousands of owners in the public and private sectors as to their investment spending plans in the current year. Residential estimates for this year have also been made available based on new home start projections from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). More

LED lighting technology taking over
Net Newsledger
Let there be light. LED lamps and LED technology offers excellent lighting and greater affordability. The choices to replace older lights is expanding. It is estimated that at least twenty per cent of your business, or home electricity bill is the lighting. Older choices, including what were once thought "energy saving" florescent lights are now seen as energy hogs by the evolving technology of new and more efficient lighting. More

Planning process for Lethbridge's southeast to be revisited
Lethbridge Herald
It's the only large chunk of land remaining undeveloped in south Lethbridge. But there's no up-to-date plan for development, city council was reminded recently. And the old area structure plan no longer seems suitable. With an eye to the future, council agreed with a proposal from the city's planning manager to reopen the planning process for southeast Lethbridge.More

Smart hot water heaters make better use of wind power
CBC News
A project which aims to use wind energy more effectively in Atlantic Canada is showing success only five months in, according to the project manager. Across the region 1,250 electricity customers are taking part in PowerShift Atlantic. They are mostly homeowners, but 120 businesses have also signed on.More