Power Up
Jun. 4, 2015

Leviton acquires Intense Lighting, LLC
Electrical Industry Canada
Leviton recently announced the acquisition of Intense Lighting, LLC, a leading solutions-based manufacturer of LED luminaires. Intense Lighting, based in Anaheim, CA, enhances Leviton's current product offerings with a wide variety of specification grade LED lighting solutions for the commercial, hospitality, supermarket, retail and residential markets.More

A better, greener Alberta is possible: Let's work to make it real
Huffington Post Canada
I recently stood with thousands of other Albertans at the Alberta legislature building, the place of so many protests and rallies, to welcome our new government. I cheered as the new cabinet was introduced. We now have a former teacher as the new Minister of Education. An outspoken, hard-working feminist was named to the newly created post responsible for the Status of Women. And Alberta now has the only cabinet in Canada (and only the second in Canadian history) with equal numbers of men and women.More

5 people give their 2 cents to Alberta's new energy minister
CBC News
Marg McCuaig-Boyd might just have the hardest job in Alberta right now. Like all the new NDP cabinet ministers, she has a steep learning curve ahead of her. But McCuaig-Boyd will also face extraordinary scrutiny as she feels her way through the next few months. Scrutiny from an energy industry that is going through a bust, from investors on Wall Street, politicians in Washington D.C., and environmentalists around the world. All of whom have different agendas.More

Alberta wages highest in Canada despite slowing economy
Calgary Herald
Alberta's economy may be slowing but the province still has the highest average weekly earnings in the country. Statistics Canada said recently that average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees in Alberta rose to $1,1160.06 in March, up 0.1 per cent from the previous month and 1.6 per cent from a year ago.More

Desirable dozen: Eco-solar home tour showcases energy efficiency
Edmonton Journal
When it comes to energy-efficient homes, Edmonton is generating a powerful punch. You'll find more net-zero energy homes — homes that make as much energy over the year as they consume — in Edmonton than in any other part of Canada. "This year we counted up all the net-zero energy homes in Edmonton and found that, by far, there are more net-zero energy homes here than anywhere else in Canada," said Andrew Mills, president of the Eco-Solar Home Tour. More

Shepard Energy Centre powers up — Alberta's largest natural gas power plant opens its doors in southeast Calgary
Calgary Sun
Eight years after Enmax announced a five-year powerplay with Edmonton's Capital Power, the province's largest natural gas power plant opened its doors recently. The city-owned utility held a grand opening for its new $1.4 billion Shepard Energy Centre, which will generate more than 800 megawatts for Alberta's electrical grid, enough to keep the lights on for half of Calgary's homes and businesses.More

Solar and storage will compete with traditional sources of electricity generation
For the last five years, since the Canadian Electricity Association has been tracking Canadians' sentiments on the subject, solar has remained the preferred fuel source for providing electricity for Canadians. Every day it is getting easier to make the argument for solar. "We've known for years that solar was the energy darling," says John Gorman, President and CEO of Canadian Solar Industries Association.More