Power Up
Jun. 25, 2015

Survey: Majority of CEOs say Canada too dependent on Alberta
Huffington Post Canada
A majority of Canadian business leaders believe the economy is too dependent on the oilsands and other natural resources, according to a new survey. Nearly two-thirds of Canadian executives polled — including about 60 per cent of Albertans surveyed — said they believe the country should be less reliant on resources.More

Guide aims to improve safety on Calgary construction sites
Journal of Commerce
The guide was produced by the Canadian Home Builder's Association — Calgary Region in partnership with The City of Calgary, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, and the Alberta Construction Safety Association. The Residential Construction Site Safety Best Practice Guide is an educational tool for home builders, trade workers and Calgarians that outlines the safety requirements and responsibilities at a construction site. More

Edmonton set to become 'gig city' on back of billion-dollar fibre investment
They are an elite club around the world, but gig cities — urban areas where Internet speeds are about 100 times faster than the international average — will soon have a new member: Edmonton. Recently, Telus Executive Chairman of Darren Entwistle announced the company will invest $1 billion in a new fibre optic communications backbone in Edmonton, part of what he described as the largest ever urban fibre-optic build in Canada. More

Open house for Peace hydro project
Daily Herald Tribune
The latest group attempting to harness the Peace River for electricity is unveiling its plan for a 330-megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric project dubbed Amisk. Slated for 15.2 kilometres upstream from the Dunvegan Bridge, the project is being developed by AHP Development Corporation, on behalf of Concord Green Energy, BowMont Capital and Advisory Ltd, and several individuals.More

Solar power energy research shines on
Daily Commercial News
Perovskite itself isn't news. Scientists have known that it occurs naturally, but can also be easily produced in the lab. It's plentiful and cheap. In fact, they made the first perovskite-based solar cell almost a decade ago. But now they are working on combining the material with silicon to make what they're calling a tandem cell that is more efficient than the silicon-based cells that now have 90 per cent of the global market.More

Scientists develop the world's thinnest light bulb
Imagine a light bulb made from something thinner than paper, but stronger than any other material known to man. Seems impossible — except it isn't. A group of scientists from Columbia University, Seoul National University and the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science recently announced that they successfully developed a light bulb made out of graphene — material that's only as thick as an atom, but strong as a diamond.More

Solar savvy residents advocate for renewable energy
Global News
Saskatchewan has more than its fair share of sunny days and some residents are using those rays to power their homes. Six years ago, the environmentally conscious Karza family equipped their home with solar panels and geothermal wells. Phil Karza says they've since paid for themselves. He says there are numerous misconceptions about using renewable energy.More

China now the leading global market for solar panels
It's already the world's leader in making solar panels, so perhaps it shouldn't come as a shock that China is now also the globe's biggest market for the energy saving devices. A new report from GTM research says China looks to hold a quarter of the world's solar panels this year amid the country's rabid desire to add as much power as possible, including but not limited to solar.More