Power Up
Aug. 14, 2014

RoundUP Alberta: Order your tickets now!
On September 18, the Alberta Electrical League, with the support of Electro-Federation Canada, will be holding our first Alberta RoundUP Event Night. Order now!

Charlie Major is our "major" entertainment, but the main draw is networking and meeting with the ENTIRE Alberta and Ontario Electric Industry.

Thanks to our sponsors so far: Siemens, Thomas & Betts, ILSCO, Standard Pro, ACE Manufacturing, Guillevin, Wesco, STELPRO — Hayride, and Torbram — Hayride Sponsor. Get your sponsor info and ticket information from the link below.

"RoundUP Alberta" promises to be an evening to remember. Key individuals from the electrical industry in Canada and throughout Alberta will be in attendance. Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Trade Unions and Utilities will all be represented. This will be an evening filled with entertainment and opportunities to renew existing relationships and establish new ones.

For further information, to register and to sponsor, please click the link below.More

Industry coaxes Canadian women to don hard hats
Waterloo Region Record
The prospect of steady full-time work with a salary in the $70,000 range and an assurance of job security ought to be enough to convince women to shed their gender stereotypes. Sadly, it is not. There is some urgency. The electricity industry faces a major shortage of skilled workers in the coming years. It needs 23,000 new recruits by 2016 just to replace retiring baby boomers.More

Environment Canada launching new software to deal with wind turbines
CTV News
Weeks after a tornado hit, the clean-up continues for many residents in Grand Bend, ON. It's the radar at the Exeter Weather Station that helped predict that storm. But the impending arrival of hundreds of wind turbines may put the Exeter Weather Station's predictions in jeopardy — it cannot block out the spinning blades of wind turbines. On its website, Environment Canada says the degradation of data interrupted by wind turbines can be "significantly misleading for forecasters under storm conditions." More

Alberta-based company to construct transmission line for Muskrat Falls
Calgary Herald
A subsidiary of Crown-owned Nalcor Energy has selected Valard Construction to install infrastructure for the Labrador to Newfoundland transmission link for the $8.5 billion Muskrat Falls hydro project. The Labrador-Island Link Partnership says Alberta-based Valard, a Quanta Services company, is to install about 1,100 kilometres of 350 kilovolt overhead high voltage lines running from the Muskrat Falls generating facility in central Labrador to the Avalon Peninsula.More

Bright future for solar project
Devon Dispatch
Recently, mayor Stephen Lindop shed some light on Devon's proposed solar energy project. At a recent council meeting, the town will bring forward for approval an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the solar park, to be build at the site of the former Imperial Oil facility. "The ASP will be the blueprint for how we're going to build over the next 10 years," said Lindop, noting the agenda will also cover the three sections of land Devon is annexing from Leduc County.More

Achtung, Ontario! Renewables are a money pit
Financial Post
Germany — the country on which Ontario modelled its approach to renewable energy development — has a $412 billion lesson for Ontario. That's the amount the country has spent on subsidies in support of solar and wind energy, among other renewables, over the past 20 years, all in the push to wean the country off fossil fuel and nuclear generation.More

App tracks Alberta energy prices
Edmonton Sun
An Alberta energy economist has launched a new smartphone app that aims to make the province's deregulated electricity market "visible" so people know when they should unplug. Recently, the Alberta Electric System Operator asked Albertans to turn off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances as the hot weather combined with low wind and two offline power plants pushed the system closer to full capacity. More

Are spray-on solar cells the next big thing for sustainable energy?
CTV News
Generating solar power can be expensive and impractical for the average person, but a new spray-painting method that applies solar cells to almost any surface could be the next big thing in green energy. Scientists at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. have developed perovskite solar cells using a spray-painting process, which could turn a variety objects into energy generators. More

AltaLink upgrading line near Didsbury
Didsbury Review
The Alberta Utilities Commission approved upgrades to the electrical transmission system last month, part of which nears Didsbury. The AUC recently approved a new Johnson substation approximately seven kilometres northwest of Didsbury to tie into existing lines that will help ease the burden on the existing system by building two kilometres of 138-kilovolt transmission line.More

Alberta electric grid operator sees falling reserve margin
Alberta's reserve margin is expected to increase next year, but then go into a steady decline, if more generating resources are not built, according to a report the Alberta Electric System Operator released recently. Assuming that Alberta's intertie connections to Montana, British Columbia and Saskatchewan are available, the province's reserve margin stands at about 27 per cent and will climb to about 32 per cent next year as new power plants come online.More

City attempting to identify sockets which could cause smart meter issue
Medicine Hat News
Medicine Hat is scrutinizing the photos taken of electrical sockets before the smart meters were connected, hoping to isolate those that could potentially be an issue, says the head of the utility. Of the 29,000 photos, one for each electric smart meter installation, only a portion are expected to be suspect, said Gerry Labas, chief operating officer of the energy division. "We don't have an exact figure yet. It is going to be reasonably low," said Labas.More

Alberta's lightning strike hot spots
Huffington Post
Lighting season is in full force in Alberta, and will stick around for the next month or so. After an intense series of storms across Alberta — from a lightning storm that sparked several fires in Edmonton, to extreme thunderstorms that pummeled Calgary and Airdrie with hail — we started to wonder where in Alberta is the most likely to experience lightning. More