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Oct. 30, 2014

AEL's EXPO in Calgary, AB: March 25, 2015
The Alberta Electrical League is hosting their 21st Annual Electrical Learning EXPO in Calgary, AB, on March 25th. The EXPO provides all companies with an opportunity to show new products, new services, new innovations. Those attending will experience what is new and exciting in the electrical industry. Professionals that can answer all your questions, give you alternatives and suggestions. The day is packed with technical presentations of things you need to know. Mark this date in your calendar.More

AEL Members save money
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Conductor ampacities and their temperature rating
By Pierre McDonald, CET, Senior Regulatory Affairs, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc.
Sizing conductors as per the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) has been a necessary skill requirement for electricians, designers and engineers for as long as I can remember. The rules associated with conductor ampacity have virtually remained unchanged over the years. In fact my 7th edition, 1958 Canadian Electrical Code Rule 4-006, Current Carrying Capacity of Wires and Cable, referred the user to Tables 1 through 4 in the same way the latest 22nd edition CE Code does. What has changed is the requirement to apply temperature ratings in a manner that aligns with the rules of the 2012 edition CE Code.More

Green push paying off for GP mill
Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune
The Weyerhaeuser Pulp Mill is starting to benefit from a series of infrastructure upgrades, meant to make operations more environmentally friendly and more profitable. The addition to products such as toilet paper, paper towel and tea bags, the kraft-process pulp mill, located 10 kilometres south of Grande Prairie on Resources Road, is selling electricity generated onsite back to the provincial grid.More

How to make your smart meter even smarter
Huffington Post
Smart meters are unabashedly good. This might seem like an uncontroversial statement but start poking around some of the kookier parts of the internet and you'll quickly learn that smart meters are apparently responsible for everything from cancer to spying on you every minute of every day. A smart meter is a relatively simple piece of equipment compared to the stuff we carry around in our pocket. We went to Medicine Hat, one of the first places in Alberta to roll them out. They've installed 26,000 smart meters.More

Electric car drivers trading gas for solar power
Metro News
Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight. Solar panels installed on the roof of a home or garage can easily generate enough electricity to power an electric or plug-in gas-electric hybrid vehicle. The panels aren't cheap, and neither are the cars.More

Provincial Legislation and the Administrative Requirements of the CE Code
By Pierre McDonald, CET, Senior Regulatory Affairs Representative, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc.
Code adoption and regulations pertaining to public safety are the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments. Among the many regulations provincial legislation mandates are those pertaining to which codes and standards are in force, who can perform trade work, and licensing and permitting requirements. More

Calgary's downtown electrical grid explained
Calgary Herald
Of all the man-holes in all of downtown Calgary, fire had to hit this one. The man-hole cover beneath 8th Street near 5th Avenue S.W. doesn't look much different from the more than 1,000 other electrical system man-hole lids in the downtown area. But the blue smoke and charred cable in this one underground concrete chamber recently wreaked unprecedented havoc in Calgary's downtown. More

AltaLink targets internationally revered landscape
Pincher Creek Echo
The dramatic beauty of the eastern flanks of Alberta's Livingstone Range is known to tens of thousands of Albertans, and to perhaps millions more, people who have seen this landscape in Hollywood movies, or via Alberta's Remember to Breathe tourism videos. AltaLink has just released plans to construct transmission towers and string overhead transmission lines across this revered and internationally marketed Crown of the Continent landscape, a landscape that's also home to the MD of Pincher Creek's Heritage Rangeland Viewscape.More

Bridge completed, construction continues
Drayton Valley Western Review
The cold weather is slowly creeping in and people are beginning to look ahead to winter and what it will mean for commuters who travel across the North Saskatchewan River. Originally set to be completed May 2014, five months have gone by since the new bridge was set to be travelled on and local drivers continue to wonder how things are progressing and when work will begin to wrap up.More

Turning 500 tons of manure a day into renewable energy
Huffington Post
Alberta is known for its beef — or more specifically its beef marketing. If you haven't seen the original "I heart Alberta beef" bumper sticker you've definitely seen an homage. But Alberta beef started for a reason, Alberta's grain farmers needed a way to diversify and add value to their product. Grain prices are notoriously volatile and producing a bumper crop didn't always guarantee a bumper profit.More

Eco-friendly home base
Edmonton Sun
There are many things that make the new Greenbury neighbourhood in Spruce Grove a unique place to live. Top among them is the dedication of developer Beaverbrook to creating an environmentally friendly community for its residents. "Beautiful brownstone walk-ups line the streets of many world-renowned cities and now this iconic architecturally theme can be found in Spruce Grove" said Jesse LaFrance, assistant project manager with Beaverbrook.More

County resisting AltaLink line
Sherwood Park News
Strathcona County will be registering as an intervener with the Alberta Utilities Commission in hopes that a proposed AltaLink power line will not run through the county. A portion of the 25-kilometre-long AltaLink Cooking Lake 138-kV transmission line and substation upgrade project is proposed to run parallel to Highway 14, but has many rural residents opposed to the project, as the line would be nearby their homes. More

N.W.T. abandons $1.2 billion plan to export electricity south
CBC News
The territorial government is abandoning plans to export electricity to southern Canada. The proposal involved connecting the North and South Slave hydro-electric transmission grids. Officials completed a business case this year and found it would cost $1.2 billion, more than double what was initially estimated. "It's priced itself off our priority list," says Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger.More