Power Up
Nov. 28, 2013

Celebrate with us!
Electric Industry Christmas Luncheon
December 6, 2013
11:30–2:30 pm
Marriott at the River Cree Resort
$65 per CREC member/$80 per non-CREC member
Tables of 8 available

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Alberta electricity use breaks all-time record
Calgary Herald
Electricity demand in Alberta broke an all-time record recently, thanks to an early-season cold snap. But the Alberta Electric System Operator said the province's power grid is not facing any supply concerns right now, and no price spikes are occurring. According to Environment Canada, temperatures in Calgary hit a low of -14°C, with a wind chill that made it feel like -21°C.More

SaskPower overhauling power grid
The Leader-Post
Saskatchewan's aging power grid needs a major overhaul over the next decade to ensure a reliable supply of power, president and CEO of SaskPower Robert Watson says. "We know there is a problem with the grid, and know we have to make it better and more reliable, but it's not going to happen overnight," Watson said. The biggest challenges in maintaining grid infrastructure is simply the massive geographic size of the province. More

Prairie provinces expected to quicken Canada's economic growth
The Globe and Mail
Canada's economy has likely firmed — thanks to solid domestic demand — after lacklustre growth through the first half of the year. A report on gross domestic product out shortly is expected to show third-quarter economic activity quickened to an annual 2.5 per cent pace after growth of 1.7 per cent and 2.2 per cent, respectively, in the previous two quarters.More

Earth tubes: Energy-saving cost-cutters of the future
Huffington Post Canada
Geothermal energy isn't just about Iceland, volcanoes, lava and journeys to the centre of the earth. The vast majority of geothermal projects aren't about tapping the fiery, red-hot core of the earth, but taking advantage of the relatively constant temperature of the ground below the frost line. The ground beneath our feet is as constant as death or taxes; it's almost always between four to six degrees Celsius.More

Take a closer look: Shape-shifting trees near power lines
Five years ago, photographer Danny Custodio moved to St. Catharines, ON, and began to notice "bizarre configurations in the landscape" — trees cut to accommodate power lines overhead. "There was something sombre about them," he says, "how they were manicured to live in these strange compositions." He started taking pictures of them.More

Forget LED bulbs — The future of interior lighting is lasers
Steven DenBaars, a research scientist at UC Santa Barbara, has been working on LED lights for 20 years. He has been instrumental in pushing them to the point that they are the true heir to Edison's electric bulb. But in his own head, and in his lab, DenBaars is already onto the next big thing: Replacing a substantial portion of indoor lights, and the archaic bulb and socket infrastructure on which they depend, with lasers. More

Will electricity storage save the grid?
Intelligent Utility
The business model of most electric utilities is based on the administration of a large, centralized electricity grid, or some aspect of it. The rise of distributed generation — electricity customers going off or partially off grid and generating their own electric power — directly threatens that model. The role of a traditional electric utility on a grid largely based on distributed generation is difficult to foresee. More

Calgary Transit lot lighting swap to improve riders' feeling of safety
Metro News
Calgary Transit lots are being equipped with lights that shine brighter at night, a move that officials feel will provide riders with a better sense of security. Overall, vehicle damage and theft in Calgary Transit-owned parking areas has plummeted by 85 to 90 per cent in recent years — in recent months, there have been just 67 incidents reported in 2013.More

LED light emitting carpets are so much cooler than non-LED ones
Carpets are great until you have to whip out the old vacuum and clean up all the dirt and stuff that gets stuck in there. Carpets don't exactly need re-inventing. The shaggy floor covers are laid down and just sit there, not doing anything. Two companies want to change that and make those boring carpets actually useful by embedding LEDs in them.More

Construction law course gets the industry up to speed on legal matters
Journal of Commerce
Beginning soon, a comprehensive Construction Law Course will be offered in several B.C. and Alberta cities. The course is available through a number of local construction and open shop associations. Participants can earn credits towards Gold Seal Certification. "Our main goal is to make sure the people understand the Canadian laws relevant to construction to avoid disputes," said instructor Tim Williams, of Abbotsford-based BGC Partners. More

Home lighting: Cut costs with green high tech bulbs
Beacon News
Home lighting sucks a lot of money from the family budget. But now home-owners can take advantage of new technologies to cut costs and improve lighting in their houses. According to Natural Resources Canada, lighting accounts for about 11 per cent of electricity use in a Canadian home. That average Canadian home also has an average of 30 light fixtures and the average Canadian spends about $130 per year on electricity to light their home.More

Construction management delivery model can drive project fast-tracking
Daily Commercial News
The construction management project delivery model can be collaborative and aid in fast-tracking projects, compared to more traditional delivery methods, says an Alberta Infrastructure official. "We get everybody at the table earlier and we can all work together to solve problems prior to starting construction," explained Brian Soutar, the executive director of the Project Services Branch for Alberta Infrastructure, at the Canadian Construction Association's recent Construction Industry Leaders Forum. More

Electric bus pilot project to hit Montreal streets in 2015
CBC News
The Quebec government will be investing $12 million in a pilot project aimed at putting electric buses on Montreal streets. The Cité Mobile project will allow the STM to buy three entirely electric buses that would use a recharging method conceived by Nova Bus. The Parti Québécois government previously announced that it would invest $516 million in the development of an electric vehicle industry in Quebec that will build electric cars, electric railways, and related infrastructure.More