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President's Message

Think tank continues assault on military resale benefit:

From SEAL Team Six to retiring without health insurance
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The Wall Street Journal, John Barnett and Michael O'Hanlon
America's military compensation system is at once generous and stingy. It needs improvement, but the right answer at a time of national fiscal duress cannot simply be to increase benefits wherever there seems an argument for doing so. Reforms and efficiencies are needed too.

Pentagon readies budget ax
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The Wall Street Journal, Dion Nissenbaum
With a growing sense of resignation, Pentagon officials are preparing for billions of dollars in spending reductions, holding out little hope that President Barack Obama and Republican lawmakers will be able to avert deep cuts set to take hold on March 1.

A cliff Congress may go over
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The Wall Street Journal, Janet Hook
As Congress comes up on the latest budget deadline, lawmakers seem less daunted by the prospect of going over the "cliff" this time, as partisan positions remain far apart with only three weeks remaining before big cuts hit.

Automatic budget cuts are almost certain
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Los Angeles Times, Jim Puzzanghera and Richard Simon
In less than a month, a budget ax is set to fall on the federal government, indiscriminately chopping funding for the military and slicing money for various programs.

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US sets timing of 2014 DoD budget
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Defense News, Marcus Weisgerber
The White House is preparing to submit top line budget proposals to Congress in mid-March with more detailed documentation to follow later that month, Defense News has learned.

Senate Democrats close to plan for delaying spending cuts
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Bloomberg, Kathleen Hunter and Roger Runningen
U.S. Senate Democrats are close to proposing a $120 billion plan for a 10-month delay in automatic spending cuts for defense and domestic programs set to begin March 1, according to a Senate Democratic aide.

Patrick B. Nixon
President, American Logistics Association

Washington Update

Congress has no clear path to avoid broad budget cuts
USA Today    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A divided Congress will take next week off and then return to a familiar conflict: a looming, self-inflicted budget deadline that threatens economic stability with no resolution in sight on how to resolve it. More

Pentagon repeats dire warnings about cuts: 'Wolf is at the door'
Stars & Stripes    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
For the second day in the row, Pentagon top brass intensified its warnings to lawmakers about sequestration's crippling effect on military readiness and its ability to respond to budding conflicts across the globe. More

Direct Mail Reaches Military Families Where
They Live

Military Family Residents Mailing List: Active Duty families at home address on military bases
Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox: Co-op envelope Email: Opt-in email list of registered members

Contact: Military Media Inc. 845-454-7900.
Providing media to reach the military audience since 1974.

Obama: Looming budget cuts would damage US military
Agence France-Presse    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
President Barack Obama recently warned that looming budget cuts would damage the U.S. military's readiness and urged lawmakers to strike a deal to avoid the massive spending reductions. "Let me say this: There is no reason — no reason — for that to happen," said Obama, referring to automatic budget cuts due to take effect by a March 1 deadline. More

Sen. Mark Warner says defense industry shares blame for sequester
The Washington Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
As the Obama administration rolled out a fresh round of dire warnings about the impact of looming budget cuts, Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., recently delivered a message of his own to the defense industry: This is your fault, too. More

Study: Contractors exaggerate job loss from defense budget cuts
Government Executive    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Private industry's warnings that automatic defense cuts under sequestration would cost more than 1 million jobs are exaggerated, according to a new study by a national security think tank. More

Army grids for $175 million in isle cuts
Honolulu Star-Advertiser    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Army recently laid out a worst-case budget scenario that includes the potential need to make about $175 million in cuts in Hawaii this fiscal year by reducing training, maintenance and base support — even as two brigades prepare for deployment to Af­ghani­stan. More

Budget cuts will mean gaps in gear, training
Army Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A cash-strapped Congress looking to reduce the deficit has dealt the Army a "devastating" $18 billion shortfall that is stripping the service of the equipment and training it needs to carry out its mission. More

Pentagon: Military health care endangered by cuts
Bloomberg    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Pentagon "might not have enough funds" to pay for its health care system under automatic spending cuts set to take effect March 1, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. More

Senator McConnell: Automatic budget cuts to happen
Reuters    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Senate's top Republican recently predicted that automatic spending cuts will take effect on March 1 as scheduled. More


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House GOP: Pentagon crying 'wolf' on sequester
Politico    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The military's last-ditch push to stop sequestration is being met with increasing resistance on Capitol Hill, with even some of the Pentagon's strongest supporters criticizing the latest public relations campaign as too little, too late. More

Commissary News

Landscaping and lawn maintenance
Federal Business Opportunities    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Defense Commissary Agency intends to request quotations for Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance at Defense Commissary Agency Headquarters located at 1300 E. Ave, Fort Lee, VA 23801. The work will be performed on an on-call basis and will include lawn maintenance, weed control, crabgrass preventer/pre-emergent control, fertilizing and mulching. A site visit is scheduled for Feb. 28, at 9 a.m., EST. The Government intends to award one Firm-Fixed Price type purchase order from this request for quotations. The period of performance includes a base year beginning in April 2013 with the possibility of being awarded four additional 1-year option periods. More

Kellogg frozen foods on the fast track
Food Business News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Anchored by strong brands that are growing in attractive, on-trend categories, the Kellogg Co.'s frozen foods business in the United States is one of the company’s fastest growing segments, said Michael Allen, president of U.S. Frozen Foods at Kellogg. More

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Queuing systems, posts, belts and signs
Federal Business Opportunities    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
This solicitation is being issued as 100 percent total small business set-aside. The solicitation is for queuing systems, posts, belts and signs to be delivered to Defense Commissary Agency commissaries in the Continental United States and overseas locations. However, for overseas locations, the contractor would only be responsible for preparation for overseas shipment and delivery to the port. More

Consumers crave farm-to-table freshness
Food Business News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Seventy percent of shoppers are willing to pay more for locally sourced food, according to A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm. Supporting local economies and benefiting environmental sustainability drive consumer preference for local food. Additionally, consumers perceive food produced in the same state or within a 100-mile radius as healthier and higher quality. More

Shoppers' concerns over prices may be coming back
Supermarket News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Price was not one of consumers' top 10 concerns in a 2013 study of shopper trends released by the National Grocers Association, though that statistic could already be changing, said Mark Batenic, president and chief operating officer of IGA-Chicago. "That is a surprising statistic," he said, "but it could be changing as we speak, given the changes since January in tax laws that affect personal income. In fact, there is evidence customers are beginning to trade down again as they see their incomes dropping." More

Online grocery shopping on the rise
Progressive Grocer    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
As the popularity of online shopping grows, consumers are exploring new digital shopping categories, including groceries, according to A recent online survey revealed that 15 percent of U.S. adults have shopped for groceries online, and an additional 19 percent said they don't currently, but plan to in the future. More

Cooking: 5 tips to save money grocery shopping
Little Falls Evening Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
With the cost of food and the increase in prices all around us, it's very important to try to shop economically whenever possible. The following are some tips that may serve to guide you as you consider which items to purchase. Some of these tips you may already practice, but consistency is key. Whether you are a coupon user or not, these tips are designed to save you extra money when shopping. More

Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare
Fox News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
If the Food and Drug Administration gets its way, your trip to the grocery store could get a tad pricier. Supermarket owners argue a pending federal food-labeling rule that stems from the new health care law would overburden thousands of grocers and convenience store owners — to the tune of $1 billion in the first year alone. More

Funding for military grocery stores could be cut under sequestration
KPCC-FM    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Military families across the country depend on discounted groceries at base commissaries, but they could suffer price increases if the federal government cuts the program's budget. More

Commissary Announcements

Commissary Web Posts

The following commissary items were posted to the ALA Website as of 10 a.m., February 14, 2013.

DP #4, Update #1.
DP #6, Update #1.
DP #7, Update #1.
DP #8, Far East Quantities.
Easter Ham, Update #1.
Sun Care, Far East & Alaska Quantities.
Mother's Day, Update #1.
Spring Club Pack April Quantities.
Severe Weather, Far East & Alaska Quantities.

13-47, Specialty Dept. PWS Request for Review & Comment (Revised).
13-51, Chilled Juice Category Review.
13-54, Revised Presentation & Scheduling Dates for Frozen Whole Turkey Program.
13-55, Category Plans (Mar & Apr 2013 Category Review Templates).

Commissary Council 13 Feb 13 Meeting Slide Presentation.
Adds/Changes/Deletes for Week 13-07.
Guard & Reserve On-Site Sale Schedule updates.
CRV Values.

April 24, 2013: ALA/DeCA Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament, Fort Lee, Va.
Registration open - April 25–26, 2013: ALA Commissary Roundtable, Marriott Hotel, Richmond, Va.
June 18, 2013: ALA Congressional Caucus, Washington, D.C.
Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2013: 66th ALA National Convention, Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, La.

Exchange News

'Nemo' will take a bite out of February retail
CNBC    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The convergence of increasingly accurate weather forecasts and the explosion of the social media channel is super-charging the effect of Winter Storm "Nemo" on the Northeast's economy. More

At Gap, sales gains are back in style
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
After struggling for years to get sales moving, Gap Inc. is retaking lost ground. The company closed its latest fiscal year with a strong uptick, thanks to an improved fashion sense that involved successful bets on colorful jeans and sleek, "Mad Men"-style suits. More

Digital tags help ensure the price is right
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Some decades ago, a grocery store's aisles were often filled with "chunk-a-chunk-a" sounds, as clerks stamped prices to the tops of cans and boxes before putting them on shelves. Then bar codes and computerized cash registers arrived. The next step is to go completely paperless by putting small, battery-powered digital price tags on the shelves. Price changes can then be received wirelessly from the store's network, ensuring that the price displayed on the shelf and the one called up at the checkout counter are the same. More

Macy's gets personal to compete with Web sales
Bloomberg Businessweek    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In a holiday season compromised by Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff and unseasonably warm winter weather, Macy's stands out as the role model for traditional retailers trying to level the playing field between the store and the website. More

Macy's leads biggest same-store sales gain since 2011
Bloomberg Businessweek    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Macy's Inc., Gap Inc. and Target Corp led U.S. retailers to the biggest monthly same-store sales gain in more than a year as shoppers snapped up discounted merchandise chains were clearing out after the holidays. More

We snoop to conquer
The Economist    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Shopping online is a revealing act. Websites know what catches visitors' fancy, how long they linger and where to find them when they leave. Traditional shopkeepers are blind by comparison. Who enters their stores and how they behave are mysteries, which are only partly solved when someone buys something. A click from a finger means more than one from a stiletto heel. More

Study: For stores, social media still a bust
MediaPost    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
While there's no denying that consumers are increasingly using social media in just about every area of their lives, they still aren't into shopping there. A new global study from PwC, the global consultancy, reports that last year, only 12 percent of consumers bought anything through social media. More

Retail in the cloud: Transform IT economics — dramatically improve the customer experience
STORES    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
This webinar looks at retailers that have truly made the move to the cloud and use it for everything from master data management, channel integration and store operations to point-of-sale and other mobile solutions. Industry expert Eric Olafson will reference several of these retailers in a variety of segments and sizes, looking at the apps and approaches taken, results and lessons learned. More

Survey: Majority of shoppers to spend up to $100 on Valentine's Day gifts
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Survey results recently released by PriceGrabber found that 62 percent of consumers plan to spend as much as $100 on gifts for Valentine's Day, down from 68 percent in 2012. However, 36 percent plan to spend more than $100 compared with 28 percent last year. More

99 Cents Only sales and profits increase in Q3; 6 stores on tap
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
99 Cents Only Stores recently reported that profit for the quarter ended Dec. 29 rose 6.5 percent to $51 million, compared with $47.9 million in the year-ago period. More

1 less day to mail —1 less day to market
Direct Marketing News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Saying that the move will cut $2 billion from a $20 billion gap between costs and revenues at the United States Postal Service, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe recently announced plans to eliminate mail delivery on Saturdays as of August 5. Package delivery will continue, said Donahoe, since the Postal Service views it as a growth business. More

J.C. Penney CEO: Non-promotional approach 'absolutely' right choice
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
J.C. Penney Co. Chief Executive Ron Johnson defended his largely non-promotional strategy and said the company's top priority is returning to growth this year. In an interview on CNBC, Johnson refused to discuss reported expected layoffs at the company's headquarters, saying: "We have a rumor a day." Recently, The New York Post said Johnson plans to cut at least 10 percent of the remaining 3,000 employees at the retailer's home offices in Plano, Texas. The cuts would follow 600 workers who were let go in April, followed by another 350 in July. More

Home Depot plans to hire more temporary workers for spring season
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Home Depot Inc. plans to hire more temporary workers this year for the spring selling season — the busiest season for home-improvement retailers — as the company anticipates strong sales growth. More

Ready for the runway: Retailers eye what lies ahead
Women's Wear Daily    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
For retailers, it's like going back to school after a long holiday break. And on the eve of New York Fashion Week, it's going to be a tough semester ahead as the industry faces a cold hard truth: Designer apparel has been struggling for several seasons, meaning retailers will be scrutinizing runways and showrooms with more intensity than ever — and looking for some major changes to jump-start sales. (Subscription required.) More

Sewing machines go high-tech
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The old-fashioned sewing machine is finally getting a modern makeover. For more than two decades, factories making high-value goods such as cars and electronic gadgets have saved time and money by closely tracking parts and finished goods using high-tech robots, computers and networks. More

Want vs. need: Shoppers are starting to spend ... cautiously
STORES    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Job growth seems to be moving in the right direction, the housing market appears to have turned a corner and equity prices are holding up — all good news for consumers still smarting from the 2007-09 recession. Still, the loss of the payroll tax cut, fluctuating gas prices and the uncertainty that surrounds the debt ceiling continue to give shoppers pause. More

Dime a dozen: Dollar stores pinched by rapid expansion
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Dollar stores are finding it harder to make a buck. Sales-growth has slowed and in some cases margins have been shrinking at these discounters, as competition for their target customer—the cash-strapped consumer—has increased. While dollar stores were Wall Street darlings during the recession, some retail experts say their proliferation could now become a problem. More

Winmark launches Style Encore resale brand
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Winmark Corp. recently announced that the name of its recently launched women's resale brand will be Style Encore. The company also announced that Susan Baustian, formerly the company's brand director for its children's resale franchise Once Upon A Child has been named as the brand director for Style Encore. More

Dunkin' Donuts to develop 11 locations in New Orleans
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Dunkin' Donuts announced the signing of multi-unit store development agreements with two franchise groups to develop 11 restaurants throughout New Orleans. More

No rest for Bridget to open its 1st East Coast store
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
No Rest for Bridget, based in Irvine, Calif., will make its East Coast debut in mid-March, opening a 1,300-sq.-ft. location on Boston's Newbury Street. More

President of Aeropostale to retire
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Aeropostale announced the retirement of president Michael Cunningham, effective March 29. He will remain on the board of directors. More

Amazon, QVC, Apple lead in mobile satisfaction — Target among most improved
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Amazon has extended its domination of e-retail into the mobile platform, according to the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Holiday Retail Edition, recently released by ForeSee. More

CEO John Donahoe says eBay is building the Uber for delivery
AllThingsD    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
EBay's CEO John Donahoe said the e-commerce company believes it can provide same-day delivery at scale. "We are building the Uber for delivery people, Donahoe said recently at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, following an appearance by Apple's Tim Cook. "We think we can do it at scale. No one single retailer can do it on their own, so we are building it for the retail industry and using our technology capabilities to build it." More

PayPal at the pump
TechCrunch    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
PayPal recently announced it has signed a deal with gas station checkout solution Gilbarco Veeder-Root, which will be implementing PayPal as a payment option at all their gas and convenience stores across the U.S. The initial rollout involves integration with Gilbarco's Passport Point-of-Sale product, but the company says that going forward, PayPal will be integrated into its suite of media and merchandising applications. More

The science of shopping cart abandonment    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Why do some customers buy and others not? On average, 71 percent of shopping carts are abandoned without a purchase. But what are the unique predictive factors that determine the likelihood of an abandoner becoming a buyer? Research has told us why visitors say they abandon. More

Mixing business and personal expenses on credit cards
Fox Business    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The percentage of small business owners who use personal credit cards instead of business cards is rising, and if they aren't careful this could lead to financial trouble down the road. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 49 percent of small business owners used personal credit cards for business expenses in 2011, up from 42 percent in 2009. During this same time period, the percentage of business owners who used business cards declined to 59 percent from 64 percent. More

Burger King reveals massive coffee upgrade
Convenience Store News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Burger King Worldwide Inc. has revamped its coffee platform at Burger King locations across the United States. With the new program, blended by Seattle's Best Coffee, the quick-service restaurant chain has introduced a 100-percent Latin American Arabica bean custom blend crafted for its customers. Customers can choose hot or iced coffee in several flavors such as vanilla, mocha and caramel. In addition, Burger King will roll out a café-quality latté in March, the company added. More

Hot, hot, hot
Internet Retailer    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
That's the Express customer, a fashion-forward 20-something ready to buy the cool jeans or jacket just spotted at the bar. The following talks about how the apparel retailer designs for the Web and mobile devices so that consumers can buy and engage at all times. More

State of the Union proposals carry wide impact for retail industry
Retail's BIG Blog    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
President Barack Obama didn't mention the word "retail" a single time in his State of the Union address. But retailers could nonetheless be widely impacted by proposals put forth in the annual speech to Congress, ranging from promises to create jobs and grow the economy to a plan to increase the federal minimum wage that is drawing headlines this morning. More

Retail sales in US increase for 3rd straight month
Bloomberg    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Retail sales in the U.S. rose in January for a third consecutive month, showing household spending is holding up even as an increase in the payroll tax takes a bigger bite from paychecks. More

Exchange Announcements

Veteran hiring links:
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ALA Exchange E-Blast week 2/15/13

Join us in Dallas, Texas, for the Exchange Roundtable on March 6-8, and discover "How NEXCOM is responding to today's consumer utilizing insights and analytics to drive the financial performance while aligning to Navy Core Values." The Airport Grand Hyatt is one of the most modern and convenient hotels in America. Sign up today and join us! Register now.

American Logistics Association and Veterans Canteen Service
Dear exhibitor,
Many of you having been asking about the 2013 VCS Show & Sell. Until this week, the VCS has been waiting for approval from the Veterans Administration. On Tuesday, VCS received concept approval for the show and we hope for final approval next week. Once received, we will notify you via email and the booth application and other details will be available for download HERE.

The dates for Show & Sell have been set for May 19-24, in St. Charles, Mo.

We sincerely hope that you have not been inconvenienced by this late decision and we thank you for your patience. You will be hearing from us shortly.

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Save the dates:

March 6-8, 2013 — All Exchange Round Table, Grand Hyatt, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Round Table Golf Outing details:
The ALA DFW Chapter will be hosting the "2013 Roundtable Golf Tournament" on Wednesday, March 6, at Bear Creek Golf Club in Dallas. The tournament will be a best ball/scramble format with first and second place prizes for two flights. Prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin will also be awarded. Sponsorship opportunities are available for the hole sponsors, longest drive and closest to pin and co-sponsorships are also available.

Please join us after your spectacular round of golf for lunch, the awards reception and silent/live auction. Donated items are always welcome and very much appreciated and proceeds from the auction benefit the AREA Scholarship Fund. Attached is the registration form and additional information, so if you plan on attending, please submit form and payment by Friday, Feb. 22. If you have any questions or are interested in donating items for the auction, please contact Julie Fox at or 469-221-4122.

Click here for the 2013 Roundtable Golf Tournament flier

Click here for the 2013 Roundtable Golf Tournament registration form

Operation Come Back Home — Enjoy Your Benefit!
Updated schedule of events posted!
The 2013 Exchange Roundtable Steering Committee has developed an informative and exciting agenda for next month. We will hear from each of our government partner services via a presentation and a panel, plus the panels from each of the services will take your questions. Additionally, the Executive Director and a Board member (a 4-star General) will speak to us about HeroBox and how we can have a direct and positive impact on our men and women in uniform currently serving overseas. General Claudia Kennedy, the Army's first female 3-star, will describe her experiences, including how the benefit impacted her quality of life. Be in Dallas for this agenda! You do not want to miss it!
Click here for more info!

March 6, 2013 — Bear Creek Golf Club
3500 Bear Creek Ct., Dallas, Texas, 75261
10 a.m. Shotgun Start
For more information, call Julie Fox at 469-221-4122, or email at

Date change: April 24, 2013 — ALA/DeCA Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament, Fort Lee, Va.

Date change: April 25–26, 2013 — ALA Commissary Roundtable, Marriott Hotel, Richmond, Va.

Aug. 19-22, 2013 — 2013 Hawaii Trade and Food Show, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2013 — 66th Annual Convention, Hyatt New Orleans, New Orleans, La.

Go to:, sign in and CHECK OUT the information.

MRW News

Naval Station Everett MWR offers more than you think
America's Navy    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
At first glance the Information, Tickets and Tours and Outdoor Adventures office, located in The Commons on Naval Station Everett, might look a little imposing. There's a surfboard hanging just outside the door, and a fully constructed camping set complete with everything from the tent to the lantern. Inside the doors you will see backpacks and snow shoes hanging on the walls, available for rent. Across the room is a desk with an immense amount of information. Pamphlets are available on upcoming outdoor events, pricing for renting equipment, and instructions on how to reserve cabins and camping sites at Jim Creek Recreation Area, a 5,000-acre communication and recreation site owned by the Navy. As overwhelming as all this can seem the ITT employees readily take all the time needed to explain the massive amount of equipment and services they have available. More

USO opens largest Wounded Warrior and Family Center in history on Belvoir
U.S. Army    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Recently, the USO cut the ribbon on their new Wounded Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir during the grand opening ceremony. The center, which is the largest in USO history, measures 20,000 square feet and has more than 20 unique spaces, is adjacent to Fort Belvoir's Warrior Transition Unit and will support wounded, ill and injured troops. More

Installations remain Army Strong
U.S. Army    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Army installations will continue to hire the critical career fields from firefighters to child-care workers, LTG Mike Ferriter, commander of the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, announced. Recently, Headquarters, Department of the Army provided guidance regarding a department-wide hiring freeze and release of term and temporary civilian personnel. In that guidance, authority to approve exceptions to the hiring freeze is delegated to commanders of Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units and the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Headquarters, Department of the Army and its Field Operating and Staff Support Agencies. The above authority delegates hiring authority to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Installation Management Command. More

Thrift Shop sends care packages to soldiers
U.S. Army    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
"Sorry, it has taken me so long to get an email out to you. But we have been staying very busy and always trying to catch up on sleep in our free time. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and everyone involved for sending me packages. It's nice to receive things from back home when you are so far from home." "I just wanted to say thank you for the hats and everything you are doing for us back at home. I wish all of you the best. God bless and have a great day." Such are the notes received by the staff and volunteers at the Thrift Shop, many from service members they barely know. For the past five years, the Thrift Shop's Tips for Troops program has supplied deployed service members with everything from toothpaste and protein bars to DVDs and magazines to crocheted beanies and military socks. More


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