CRDA Weekly
May. 16, 2013

CRDA Announces the 2013 Vacation Ownership Conference
The Canadian Resort Development Association announces the 2013 Vacation Ownership Conference. "VO-CON" will be held in Vancouver, BC on October 22-23. VO-CON's mandate is "Exploring The Business Of Vacations". The event will bring vacation ownership industry executives together for one-and-a-half days of networking and learning. To be profiled as an official sponsor or speaker, please click read more.More

Relax, resorts are recovering
Hospitality Net
Conventional wisdom says that high-end resort hotels should be particularly vulnerable to economic recessions because of the discretionary nature of the expenditure. A review of upper-tier resort performance during the recent Great Recession found that these properties did suffer more than the average U.S. hotel in 2008 and 2009.More

Vacation rentals bounce back
Greater Wilmington Business Journal
With Memorial Day coming up and marking the unofficial start to the summer travel season, local companies are keeping a hopeful eye on the vacation rental housing market for the area's beaches. A surge in reservations for June, July and August is already happening on Bald Head Island, said Trisha Howarth.More

Washington popular choice for second homes
Vancouver Sun
Recreational property was not immune from the dramatic differences that a 45 minute car trip would make. According to Blaine-based realtor Mike Kent, "over time, the price spread of real estate enticed Canadians to purchase second homes, cottages or condos that were more accessible and cheaper than the traditional second home locales of the interior or Vancouver Island." More

5 questions buyers must ask when purchasing fractional property abroad
Digital Journal
Fractional property investment is a concept which is rapidly gaining popularity and is making inroads in markets across the globe. The idea has proven to be a popular method of investment for many luxur’ products, including aircraft, yachts and holiday homes as people can only enjoy these for a proportion of their lives. As such fractional investments appeal to both the head and the heart. More

Getting a share of the timeshare trade
Herald Tribune
When John Staley first got into the timeshare business with his wife, Delaina Probus-Staley, 15 years ago, the technology being used by the specialized segment of the travel industry was decidedly less digital. Computers were big and boxy. Screens were limited in color, pictures were often fuzzy and mobile was a term people used to describe flip-open cellular phones the size of a brick.More

Shared ownership at Country Club of Vermont
Stowe Reporter
Community supported agriculture. Community supported restaurants. What about a community supported golf course? Faced with declining membership dues in the Great Recession, golfers at the Country Club of Vermont have come up with a novel solution, joint ownership.More

Vacation rentals bounce back
Greater Wilmington Business Journal
With Memorial Day coming up and marking the unofficial start to the summer travel season, local companies are keeping a hopeful eye on the vacation rental housing market for the area’s beaches.More

Harlequin Executives remain confident
Caribbean 360
Investors in the cash-strapped Caribbean investment firm Harlequin Property fear massive losses after Harlequin's sales division filed for administration. More

Big changes on the horizon for Americans buying baja real estate
San Francisco Chronicle
This year, the Parliamentary Group of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party (PAN) of Mexico submitted a bill proposing to amend section I of Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution.More

Frustration rising over investment board delay
Bahamas Tribune
Frustration is mounting among Bahamian attorneys, realtors and their clients over Investments Board approval backlogs of up to two-three months, with the delays costing both the private sector and the Government much-needed revenue.More

The benefits of putting a cottage in a family trust
The Globe and Mail
Finally, it feels as though spring has arrived. This means two things around our home. It's time to pull out the golf clubs and time to open the summer home. The worms at the course where I play are pretty crafty. When they see me coming they hide under my ball, it's the only safe place for them.More

Banks return to construction and land development lending
Washington Business Journal
After retreating from construction and land development lending for several years, the burgeoning housing boom is prompting Greater Washington banks to open up their balance sheets to builders and home developers.More

Funds see opportunity in real estate
The Wall Street Journal
A glitzy Manhattan real-estate crowd gathered in March to join Barry Sternlicht, chief executive of Starwood Capital Group, at a party celebrating the launch of condo sales at the Baccarat Hotel & Residences, a new development across from the Museum of Modern Art.More