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Performance Digest
Sept. 15, 2009
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How to Make Smart Use of Smarts in the Workplace
from Kiplinger's Personal Finance via The Washington Post
Whether you're the brainiac or the boss deciding how to make the most of one, intelligence can be a burden as well as a boon. So what are we to do? More

Annual Performance Reviews Underperform
from BusinessWeek
The types of formal yearly performance reviews employers impose on their workers are counterproductive and morale-sapping. Pro or con? More

Creating Thinking Organizations: The Ultra-High Performance Organizations of the Future
from the SF Work Issues Examiner
Jim Collins, in his two well-researched books, Good to Great and Built to Last, did all those of us who are interested in creating effective organizations a great service. He showed us what has worked and what hasn't worked for the most successful companies in existence -- those companies that could be called High Performance Organizations by any definition of the term. More

Lessons Learned at Goldman
from The New York Times
"Making sure that everybody, at every point, understood what was going on meant that the organization very often would get to the right place, and sometimes we'd get to the right place first." More

Staff Training Make vs. Buy?
from the Daily Mirror
Visionary companies are characterized by a strong emphasis on streamlined training for optimal staff performance. But should these training programs be outsourced or handled internally? Or should it be a mix of both? These are questions that heads of HR departments grapple with. More

Five Biggest Mistakes Managers Make in Employee Recognition
from TechJournal South
A recent study confirms that this vast divergence between employee satisfaction and management appraisal is quite common, as well as confusing and expensive to organizations today. How could an employee be so, unhappy while management is thinking everything is hunky dory? More

Employee Assistance Programs Surging As Economy Takes Its Toll
from the Hartford Courant
It's in these times that employee-assistance providers want their clients to understand their services aren't just for addicts or people who are depressed. They provide a range of services, from financial counseling to writing wills. More

ISPI Member-Get-A-Member Referral Program: The Power of One
from ISPI
ISPI understands the power of professional networking. That is one of the cornerstones of our organization's history. We want to continue to provide our members with a network of talent and resources that understand Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods, tools, and techniques. 

That is why we are asking YOU, through The Power of One, to reach out to your network and refer new talent to ISPI. You can introduce your colleagues to all the benefits of ISPI membership including educational and networking opportunities, publications, career development, and so much more while helping to grow Your Society. More

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