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Performance Digest
Sept. 22, 2009
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Learnscapes in Social Business Design
from Vator News
About a month ago I read What Would Andrew Do?, an unbook by Jay Cross and friends, said technology trend writer Larry Irons. I've mentioned Jay's work in previous posts dealing with elearning 2.0 and collaboration in informal learning. In particular, it's important to remember that focusing on informal learning doesn't mean we must disregard the relevance of formal learning because learning is never 100 percent formal or informal. More

Human Resources: Effective Performance Reviews
from BizTimes Milwaukee
In all the years that I've been writing for BizTimes Milwaukee, this is undoubtedly the most frequent inquiry that I receive, the author writes. Why is it that performance appraisal seems to correspond so often with moans and groans from all involved parties? My sense is because they often are not done very well. More

Consultants: Help Wanted in Afghanistan
from Harvard Business Publishing
Imagine a company with a new board of directors, charged with entering complex markets while managing rapid growth, both organic and through M&A. This company is struggling to hit its performance targets. It has been hemorrhaging money and hasn't turned a profit in over eight years. More

Change Management The Business of Staying in Business
from the Ethiopian Review
Many companies that are going under in this economic downturn are those that have been around a long time. They have followed a set of policies and procedures that has served them well for several years and suddenly those practices do not seem to allow for the flexibility needed to survive today's quickly changing climate. More

A Modest Proposal to End Those Outlandish Bonuses
from The New York Times
Maybe bankers don't really need big bonuses. That idea is heretical in financial circles, but it may in fact be valid. The financial system might well work better if most pay at financial institutions came in the form of fixed salary, not sharply varying bonuses. More

'Six Sigma Could Change the World'
from The Economic Times
It's not everyday that you can take a statistical methodology used for continuous improvement and apply it to solve an unwieldy 60 year-old political conflict. But if Pradeep Deshpande, president Six Sigma & Advanced Control, had his way, he'd use Six Sigma to resolve the Kashmir conflict and bring about regional prosperity. More

Gap To Employees: Work Wherever, Whenever You Want
from BusinessWeek
Three years ago, BusinessWeek ran a cover story about Best Buy's radical experiment to reshape the workforce. The story told the tale of two HR subversives who started a stealth movement among Best Buy's headquarters employees to work wherever and whenever they wanted. Our cover story on this smashing the clock phenom said it all: "No schedules. No meetings. No joke." More

The Emerging Leaders in Business Performance Management
from BEyeNetwork
It may seem odd to talk about "emerging leaders" in a discipline as well as established as business performance management, but there are a handful of companies that are making a significant impact in the market, and they are doing so in spite of the strong presence of several larger legacy vendors. More

ISPI Member-Get-A-Member Referral Program: The Power of One
from ISPI
ISPI understands the power of professional networking. That is one of the cornerstones of our organization's history. We want to continue to provide our members with a network of talent and resources that understand Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods, tools, and techniques. 

That is why we are asking YOU, through The Power of One, to reach out to your network and refer new talent to ISPI. You can introduce your colleagues to all the benefits of ISPI membership including educational and networking opportunities, publications, career development, and so much more while helping to grow Your Society. More

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