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Performance Digest
Nov. 10, 2009
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Overcome Lean Six Sigma Resistance with "What’s In It for Me?"
from Six Sigma & Process Excellence
Let's face it, any change in any organization will meet with a certain amount of resistance and skepticism. We are creatures of habit and habits are inherently difficult to change, especially at work. However, when you are the agent of that change and what you are driving is process improvement, there are unique challenges involved. This is especially true if you were never taught the people skills essential for smooth continuous process improvement implementation. More

How Executive Information Systems Evolved Into Performance Dashboards
from BeyeNetwork
Back in the '90s if you wanted a quick and easy way to know how your company was performing, there were two things that were required. First, your company needed to have an EIS or executive information system in place. Second, in most cases you needed to be in senior management to access it. Obviously, this severely limited the number of users and, ultimately, the benefits to be obtained by enabling people to get more in tune with company performance. More

Seven Trends in Background Screening That will Impact Talent Acquisition and Hiring
from Online Recruitment
Based on our continuing observations and research of the background screening industry we see several issues emerging that will impact how Human Resource Managers go about the business of selecting and utilizing background screening firms. Background screening has progressed to the point that is now an integral part of the employment selection process. The discussion has moved from the need to justify why a background check should be conducted to how to make them more effective, efficient and value added focused. More

Elevating the Role of Corporate Communication to Improve Stakeholder Engagement
Acknowledging that communication has become critical to connecting people and doing business today, it is an unfortunate reality that many companies still do not give sufficient recognition to communication as a business imperative. Whether companies find themselves in crises, with their reputation and shareholder value at risk, or undergoing major change, all too often corporations fall short in communicating and engaging directly with all of their stakeholders. More

Re Learning thru E Learning? (Two Parts)
from Manila Bulletin
Faster than a speeding bullet and evolving faster than light, there’s technology breakthroughs everyday. Thank God they’re geared towards making life easier for all of us. These innovations have reached our educational system, and have quickly streamed into the classrooms. "Classrooms" nowadays may be simulated and virtual as "school" nowadays may be attended in the confines of one's home. More

What's Your Motivation Trigger?
from BNET
Most of us understand that when we feel motivated in our job we want to do it well. And there are clearly some businesses that understand this implicitly. Jim Sinegal at Costco appears to be one , while John Lewis looks to be another. More

Make Everyone A Powerful Performance Manager
from Automation World
Thought leaders have recognized the drawbacks of emphasizing one aspect of manufacturing over another—operations, maintenance, design, engineering—and many are working on technologies to close the plant performance loop, making everyone a performance manager. The most important challenge presented to those who are in charge of producing materials and products today is plant performance. More

OMB's Zients Stakes Out Acquisition Reform Plans
from Federal News Radio
The Office of Management and Budget is drawing a line in the sand for how agencies need to improve federal contracting. In fact, they are putting down several of them. OMB's deputy director for management Jeffrey Zients recently detailed those goals and explained why this approach and time will be different than previously to lawmakers. More

Let Me Tell You Why: Jim Schultz, CPT, on Chapters
from ISPI
I've been a member of ISPI since the early 70's, having started with the Chicago Chapter when I was working with Walgreens. It is my professional home. More

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