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Nov. 24, 2009
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Really Appreciate People and Performance Improvement Will Quickly Follow
from Fresh Business Thinking
The business buzz word today is engagement. As a result there is more information about it than we can poke the proverbial stick at. Most of it in my view is nonsense or so complicated very little happens that is of real value. True engagement of stakeholders is actually simple. Appreciate people for the one-of-a-kind beings each of us are. And appreciate the planet. She is a stakeholder too. More

Fixing Fractured Workplace Relationships
from The Vancouver Sun
Life on the job can be enjoyable and peaceful, even happy when workplace relationships function smoothly. But if problems arise between ourselves and others at work, the workplace becomes a source of irritation, dismay and tension. When this happens, it may be tempting to lie low until the trouble blows over. But when our interactions with colleagues, co-workers or the boss sour, it's best to act as soon as possible to correct the situation. More

You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Thin
from NewsFactor
We've all heard that good fences make good neighbors. That may be. But when it comes to your customers you need to tear down the fences, remove the barriers. Process improvement that adds value for customers is fundamental to Lean BPM; however, you need to go one step further. More

The Case for Worker Co-ops
from The New York Times
Since many of our most prestigious economic institutions have embarrassed themselves at our expense over the last year, maybe it’s time to look around. Worker-owned and -managed businesses combine the romance of entrepreneurship with solid family values and commitment to community. What’s not to like? More

How Communication Drives Performance
from Business Week
According to Watson Wyatt's newest communication survey for 2009/2010, companies that are effective communicators "have the courage to talk about what employees want to hear," "redefine the employment deal based on changing business conditions," and have "the discipline to plan effectively and measure their progress effectively." More

How to Manage Gen U: Generation Unretired
from Business Week
Calls for "Tennis, anyone?" are going unanswered. Foursomes on the fairways are few and far between. Retired Americans who thought they would be golfing or shopping with grandchildren are sharpening their tech skills, updating résumés, and scouring job boards instead. More

Improving Job Quality in the U.K.
from the Gov Monitor
Employers are committed to improving the quality of jobs in the UK but lack guidance about how to achieve it. Far from seeing decent quality jobs and commercial or organizational success as conflicting objectives, the report shows that growing numbers of employers see them as mutually supporting goals. And, there is also a broad consensus among these experts about the characteristics which define 'Good Jobs'. More

All-you-can-learn for $29 a Month
from Fortune Small Business via CNN Money
The Internet is making the world of learning smarter -- and more profitable. Students who took online courses scored an average 10 percent higher on tests than peers who received extra instruction face-to-face, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education that analyzed more than 1,000 studies conducted from 1996 through 2008. More

Why Performance Reviews Deserve a Better Rap
from U.S. News & World Report
Performance evaluations often get a bad rap by people who see them as a bureaucratic waste of time. And, yes, if you treat performance evaluations as a waste of time--each one an exercise you just have to get through so you can say it was done--that's exactly what they will be. But when done right, by good managers, performance evaluations can be meaningful and useful, both to the employee and the manager evaluating her. More

Top 10 - How Do You Stop Complaints?
from The Examiner
Not that Sheila Davis is complaining, but she writes, "don’t you just hate to walk into a room and hear nothing but kvetching? No? You jump right in? Feels good to vent, right? But did you accomplish anything? Is the world any better because you spread your little rain cloud around? Not likely. In the spirit of the Complaint Free World project begun in 2007 by Will Bowen, pastor at the One Community Spiritual Center in the Kansas City Northland, here are 10 suggestions to stop complaints (yours or other people’s)." More

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace Three Volume Series
from ISPI
Reserve Your Copy Today: Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace series -- No bookshelf is complete without a copy of ISPI’s new handbook series focused on Instructional Design and Training Delivery, Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions, and Measurement and Evaluation. Members receive a 30 percent discount on the three-volume set until Dec. 31. More

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