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Feb. 13, 2014

Calling all Electrical Contractors
Three Critical Liability Mistakes — Are You Making Them?

You don't expect to go out on a $100 job and come back holding a $3 million bill. But even small jobs can lead to major losses and ultimately, leave you footing the bill for it all.

This session focuses on Faulty Work claims and their consequences. As the MEL's recommended insurer, Federated Insurance has the vantage point of seeing the claims from their 600 electrical contractor customers across the country. They know the impact these losses can have on you, your employees, and your business.

Federated Insurance's Loss Prevention Consultant, Richard Frost, will lead a discussion on what they're seeing in the industry and how it relates to your experience. He'll help you identify the issues and learn how to effectively manage liability risks. More

Revitalizing the Village
Winnipeg Free Press
Ventura Developments is poised to launch the first of what could be as many as four new infill condominium developments in the Osborne Village-Cresentwood area of the city. "We're big believers that this is the place where people want to live," Tim Comack, vice-president of development for Ventura, said in an interview.More

Cold water poured on Hydro
Brandon Sun
A bid by the Selinger government and Manitoba Hydro to build two new dams and associated transmission lines faces an uphill battle when a special Public Utilities Board hearing on the plan starts next month. Two independent reports prepared for the PUB's Needs For and Alternatives To (NFAT) hearing paint a dim picture of the government's expectations of northern hydro development and Hydro's own research. More

Manitoba to fully upgrade Trans-Canada Highway
Global News
The Manitoba government is investing $213 million in several projects to improve the Trans-Canada Highway from Winnipeg to the Saskatchewan boundary. The planned improvements include fully paved shoulders, rumble strips, resurfacing, intersection enhancements and new bridges. Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said the projects build on other infrastructure upgrades.More

Manitoba considers 110 km/h speed limit for stretch of Trans-Canada
CTV News
Construction on the highway can slow down drivers for long stretches, but the province says new construction planned will actually speed things up down the road. The province announced $213 million in upgrades for the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg recently. Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said that lays the groundwork to raise the speed limit. Once upgrades are complete, Ashton said he wants the speed limit raised from 100 to 110 km/h from Winnipeg to Saskatchewan, if it's safe to do so. More

Better batteries are key to climate change
Financial Post
Finding a better way to store electrical energy is the single biggest break-through needed to tackle climate change. But the goal of developing batteries that are lighter, as well as more compact, powerful and affordable remains frustratingly elusive. Virtually all usable energy on Earth originates from the sun: wind, solar, wood, even fossil fuels. More

Overcoming Canada's skilled tradesperson shortage
The Gazette
When it comes to the question of whether Canada is developing enough skilled tradespeople, the perspectives are more diverse than one might imagine. In conversations across the country, I hear a variety of explanations for why there are not enough. Employers aren't doing their part by hiring apprentices. Labour agreements are prohibitive. It's hard to free up time away from the job site for technical training.More

Manitoba Hydro bills spike
Global News
Winnipeggers are feeling a chill when they get their Manitoba Hydro bills, thanks to our record-breaking winter. Some home-owners are paying close to $700 a month for electricity and natural gas. "A big old house like this, a three-storey house, it sucks the heat pretty good, but what are you going to expect? It's cold," said one Wolseley home-owner. More

High-performing buildings require highly-qualified engineers
By Peter Rojeski, Jr.
Many buildings have been designed to be energy efficient, but without proper "tuning" they will never achieve their potential. Like high-performance race cars, a high-performing building has many delicate control points that need to be periodically monitored and adjusted in order to maintain peak operating efficiency. It is not uncommon for the engineering design team, the equipment manufacturer and the operating engineer to work for a year or more in an effort to tune up a new building so that it performs as efficiently as predicted by the design simulation.More

Weak panel prices weigh on Canadian Solar
Business News Network
Canadian Solar's fourth-quarter revenue estimate missed analysts' estimates as weak panel prices more than offset a rise in demand, sending its shares down four per cent. The company, most of whose manufacturing operations are in China, estimated that it shipped between 605 megawatt (MW) and 620 MW of solar panels in the quarter, higher than its target of 480-500 MW.More

A rechargeable LED cork that turns empty bottles into lamps
For many of us it will still be a few months before dinner parties on the back patio are feasible again — but there's no reason you can't start preparing now with a $15 LED cork. Popping off the faux cork top reveals a standard USB connector for charging off AC adapters or your computer, and with a simple twist the bright white LED can be turned on or off.More