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Craig Proctor Seminars


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The #1 Reason Agents Fail

has nothing to do with how good they are at the technical parts of the business. It has nothing to do with their work ethic or their people skills. Great agents fail every day, and it’s simply because they don’t ›› MORE

How to Create a 7-Figure Real Estate Business in YOUR Marketplace ›› MORE

No Charge Live Seminar: Presented LIVE by Craig Proctor
  • Unlike any other real estate trainer, Craig Proctor successfully did what he teaches you
  • Regarded within the industry as the Millionaire Agent-Maker, Proctor was twice named the #1 agent in the world for RE/MAX, and was top 10 RE/MAX worldwide throughout his over 20 year career
  • As a Real Estate Trainer, Craig has Coached more agents to Millionaire status than any other trainer

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Peek inside the businesses of the most successful agents in the country. Get the ads they run to generate dozens of leads every day; the scripts they use; learn what they say to buyers and sellers to get the contract signed, and much more.

No more cold-calling. No more door-knocking. No more begging for referrals or spending money on advertising you can't hold accountable.

Craig Proctor Productions
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Phone: 1-800-538-1034 - Fax: 1-905-830-1374

50 Minthorn Blvd., Ste. 800, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7X8