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Early Learning Technology For Dual Language Learners! Early Learning Technology For Dual Language Learners!

Child-Driven Learning

Powered by fun and engaging Shell Squad Adventures software, the Hatch tablet and computer are a great fit for your Dual Language classroom. This research-based preschool software allows DLL children to maintain and develop their home language of Spanish, while simultaneously building math and literacy skills in English. The software includes:

Scaffolded learning games in 18 core skill areas.

Teachers can choose from All-English,
All-Spanish, or designate English or Spanish versions of Math or Literacy based on what's appropriate for their program.

Child progress monitoring available in Spanish and English for refocused instruction.

Teachers Choose English or Spanish!
Shell Squad Adventures Museum
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Hatch Interactive Whiteboard

Circle Time
Technology That's Personalized

Make lesson planning and daily routines easy with our TeachSmart ELL software. Our interactive display and whiteboard helps teachers:

Utilize hundreds of different activities including 650+ Spanish math and literacy activities and more than 1,100 activities in English.

Develop a daily activities plan and create your own activities that are unique to your classroom.

Collect each child’s written and oral samples through digital portfolios.

Navigate between languages; helping children build skills in their home language while acquiring skills in English.

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