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Sep. 27, 2013

Esthetics NW - Antimicrobials

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Dermatology apps 'an area of buyer beware'
CBS News
There are currently 229 dermatology-based apps on the market but not all might be accurate in diagnosing your skin woes, a new report warns. A study in JAMA Dermatology claims that although most of the dermatology-based apps are free, buyers should be cautious because there are no regulations or guidelines that ensure these apps are giving correct medical information.
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Sperm facial treatment attracts fountain of youth by treating wrinkles
Jobs & Hire
Fountain of youth was once a myth, but now it seems that it's getting close to reality. A recent finding about sperm says that it is a good treatment to smooth the wrinkles and skin. According to the study, sperm can make a wrinkled skin back to its flawless and youthful skin texture again. The component called "spermine," which can be found in human sperm, is being process and synthesize in research lab to make it available in the market.
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Anti-aging now a big concern for Generation Y USA
Women in the U.S. aged 25-34 are beginning to pay more attention to the signs of aging and are actively seeking out products to combat these. According to information firm NPD, these women, termed "Generation Y", are beginning to notice and fight the signs of aging, as detailed in the company's latest Women's Skincare In-Depth Consumer Report.
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Formulated from the very best ingredients that nature has to offer, AVANI's Dead Sea mineral-based products have been enriched with plant extracts, essential oils & vitamins to ensure healthy, radiant skin. AVANI's superb & innovative luxurious range of Dead Sea cosmetics offers you excellence in skin-care.

UK scientists figure out how to freeze skin cells so that they don't age
Daily Mail
Researchers have identified a way to preserve skin cells to drive cosmetic procedures today or to be changed into stem cells for rejuvenation procedures later on in life. They also hope that one day this breakthrough can be applied toward the treatment of injured and disfigured patients. "Your cells are stored for your lifetime until you have a need in the future for treatment with the latest regenerative medicine techniques."
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Researchers close in on new melanoma treatment
Plastic Surgery Practice
Scientists have discovered a potential new target for melanoma treatment. They found that a gene encoding phosphoinositide-dependent kinase-1 (PDK1) plays an essential role in the development and progression of melanoma. The study, which appears in the advanced online issue of Oncogene, provides the first genetic evidence for the importance of PDK1 in melanoma.
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IPL may reduce acne breakouts
Intense pulsed light treatments increase the expression of transforming growth factor beta1 in the skin of patients with mild-to-moderate acne, and this action may help explain its efficacy in reducing acne breakouts. Dr. Musheera M. Ali and associates of the Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, U.K., analyzed biopsies taken from 20 patients at baseline, 48 hours after one IPL treatment and one week following treatment.
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The procedure includes Peeling and Prepping Solutions and a 1% Retinol Cream. Results include improvements in skin tone, texture, and firmness, and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Safe for all skin types.
Axia Medical Solutions, LLC
2105 Camino Vida Roble, Ste. L.
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Dermatologists favored shave biopsy for suspected Spitz nevi in children
Dermatologists are more likely than plastic surgeons to prefer shave biopsy as opposed to punch biopsy for suspected Spitz nevi in children, according to study results. Twenty-one percent of dermatologists compared with 2 percent of plastic surgeons chose to observe a lesion in a scenario depicting a 7-year-old with a clinically suspected Spitz nevi.
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Lack of sleep may speed up skin aging
Dermatology Times
Sleep deprivation can increase the signs of aging in the skin and decrease the skin's ability to recover after sun exposure, a recent clinical trial indicates. Researchers at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, examined 60 premenopausal women between the ages of 30 and 49, with half of the participants categorized as having poor sleep quality, according to a news release. This classification was made based on average duration of sleep and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.
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Study of skin disease reveals clues to autoimmune conditions
University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo researchers studying a rare, blistering skin condition have made a novel discovery: They have identified a protective mechanism among genetically susceptible individuals who nevertheless remain healthy. The research is providing new clues to why some individuals who carry genetic risk factors for developing autoimmune diseases do not go on to develop them.
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New beauty goal: Plumper cheeks
The New York Times
Like many people, Christina Conti, 44, a personal assistant from Wantagh, N.Y., was seeking a more youthful appearance. "I have a very thin face, and with that signs of aging come much faster," she said. "I lost volume in my face over the years." Conti tried fillers in her nasolabial folds, the so-called marionette lines that run from the nose to corners of the mouth. "It helped with those wrinkles but didn't give me back volume," she said. "Doing the folds wasn't enough."
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60-minute no-knife face-lift facial claims to wipe years off your face
The Huffington Post
Many women want to grow old gracefully without getting Botox or going under the knife. Even actors such as Kim Basinger, Jodie Foster and Meryl Streep have expressed their opposition to artificial interference. But what can one do about the inevitable facial jowls and sagging skin that eventually set in? You could try lotions and potions and a multitude of creams. But now there's also another option — the face-lift facial, according to the Daily Mail.
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It's never too early for Botox, doctor says
Is it ever too early for Botox? A new article about the preventive use of cosmetic procedures to freeze the aging process may raise a few eyebrows — at least for those who haven't had too many Botox shots. The commentary published online in JAMA Dermatology states that it is "rarely too early" to start the "conservative and thoughtful use of neuromodulators fillers and noninvasive energy-based treatments."
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Tweaking your tweets for repeat
By Emma Fitzpatrick
In the realm of social media, we're still learning how to best measure our business success. The medium is still new, so the best way to see how we're doing hasn't been fully established yet — but we are learning. Each social media platform is different, so you need to measure its success in a different way. As far as Twitter goes, one of the best indicators of success is how many times your tweets are retweeted.
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Study: Cold sores linked to mutation in gene
Medical News Today
Why some people are troubled by cold sores while others are not has finally been explained by scientists.

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FDA approves topical rosacea drug
Dermatology Times
The Food and Drug Administration has approved Galderma's topical gel Mirvaso (brimonidine 0.33 percent) for the treatment of facial erythema from rosacea.

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Scientists develop silver nanoparticles that can outshine gold USA
Two teams of scientists have developed methods of more effectively creating silver nanoparticles for cosmetics ingredients.

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