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Warfield Weekly Update
Oct. 17, 2008
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We’ll All Need Work When the World Goes HD
from The News Leader
Nobody's perfect. That why for the rest of us there's cosmetic surgery, makeup judiciously applied, proper lighting, and enough distance to keep things a little fuzzy and out of perspective. I know it's expensive, but if we're lucky, it'll be worth it because we can get by with the fragile illusion of perfection. Except if we're on television. You didn't notice it before with the tiny screens, poor reception and old-fashioned sets, but with the new huge high-definition models that switch from analog to digital, everybody from TV anchors to movie stars to Mr. Food looks terrible. No more static, snow and interference. Just the naked truth magnified to gargantuan proportions. More

A Topical Antioxidant Solution Containing Vitamins C and E with Ferulic Acid Protects Human Skin from Sunlight Damage and DNA Mutations Associated with Skin Cancer
from PCI Journal
Sunlight exposure generates oxidative stress in skin that can result in photodamage, including photoaging and skin cancer. The body uses antioxidants to neutralize oxidation of nucleic acids, proteins and lipids; but protection achieved by oral ingestion is limited. More

Baldness Gene Discovered: One in Seven at Risk
from Science Daily
Researchers at McGill University, King's College London and GlaxoSmithKline Inc. have identified two genetic variants in Caucasians that together produce an astounding sevenfold increase the risk of male pattern baldness. About a third of all men are affected by male pattern baldness by age 45. The condition's social and economic impact is considerable: expenditures for hair transplantation in the United States alone exceeded $115 million (U.S.) in 2007, while global revenues for medical therapy for male-pattern baldness recently surpassed $405 million. More

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Yes, it really works! RapidLash promotes the appearance of natural lash and brow growth in just 4-6 weeks! For women...for men..for all adults! Completely safe. Compares to $160 product. Our Price...$49.99 retail. More info

The Perfect Filler Still Elusive Despite a Myriad of Choices
from Cosmetic Surgery Times
The definitive safety of a dermal filler needs to be proven to the FDA in no uncertain terms, a fact reflected in the sometimes arduous road to approval. Because of this strict process, overseas physicians may seem to have an advantage over their U.S. colleagues, as receiving a CE mark can be somewhat easier to achieve. This results in more devices — thus more aesthetic options — for cosmetic practitioners abroad than their U.S. counterparts have. However, the strict FDA guidelines sometimes justify their rigidity when some European fillers that at first promise a high safety profile later demonstrate unwanted adverse events. More

What's Trendy and New in Plastic Surgery
from The Courier News
There are plenty more options on the plastic surgery menu these days. This article contains a list of new and trendy procedures. More

OD'ing on Botox: Doctors Warn of 'Wrinklerexia'
from Fox News
The U.K.’s largest cosmetic surgery provider reports that some people are overly obsessed with getting a freeze-frame face. As a result, the Harley Medical Group has announced that its surgeons are trying to curb the use of the anti-wrinkle product by recommending smaller doses — and even says some doctors are turning away patients who demand injections they don’t need. There is even a new term for people binging on Botox called, “Wrinklerexia." More

Men Increasingly Look to Botox for Youthful Appearance
from ScrippsNews
The buzz about metrosexuals may have died down, but men's desire to look good certainly hasn't. These days, many are turning to Botox to smooth out frown lines and forehead creases. Dr. Michael Stanford, co-owner of Embrace Spa in St. Petersburg, Fla., said the percentage of his Botox clients who are men has grown from just a handful five years ago to about 10 percent. Reasons range from a greater acceptance of the procedure to a high divorce rate, which thrusts men back into the dating scene, he says. Younger guys do it for prevention. More

Plastic Surgery Getting a Face-lift
from Naperville Sun
30-year-old Laura Garcia is a massage therapy student with a small budget, who lives in Chicago, Ill. But now that plastic surgeons are offering cheaper and more inventive techniques, Garcia was able to repair her pet peeve. She had Restylane injected into her earlobe to correct any elongation. Within a year, she may need to do it again. Plastic surgery used to be all about face-lifts, breast implants and nose jobs. But now, with patients like Garcia, doctors are focusing on the details: fine lines and imperfections that can be fixed quickly and relatively cheaply. More

Cosmetic Surgery and the Aesthetician
by Pamela Hill

The Cosmetic Surgery Patient: The Aesthetician's Role, one of twelve titles in Milady's Aesthetician Series, is the most up-to-date handbook on plastic surgery for the aesthetician. Designed for daily use, this book will help the aesthetician provide clients with accurate and professional answers to the most popular questions about cosmetic surgery procedures. Order today!

Biopelle Inc. - Skyscraper

Susanne S. Warfield, President/CEO of Paramedical Consultants, Inc. and the PCI Publishing division publishes the PCI Journal™, The Medical Journal for Skin Care Professionals© ( Official Journal of the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists and the Organ of the Medical Spa Society. She is the leading expert on the business, legal and liability issues that affect physician and esthetician relationships working in a medical or spa setting. More

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