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Warfield Weekly Update
Nov. 14, 2008
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Beauty In The Eyes Of A Majority Of Beholders
from Medical News Today
Our mothers told us that true beauty is more than skin deep - but researchers from Tel Aviv University are now challenging Mom. They've built a beauty machine that, with the press of a button, turns a picture of your own ordinary face into that of a cover model. While its output is currently limited to digitized images, the software may be able to guide plastic surgeons, aid magazine cover editors, and even become a feature incorporated into all digital cameras. More

New Viral Vaccines for Dermatologic Disease
from PCI Journal
Two new viral vaccines have been recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been approved to reduce infection with HPV types that cause cervical cancer and genital warts. The second vaccine, herpes zoster (HZ) vaccine has been developed to prevent shingles and its complications. More

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Raising Eyebrows with Acupuncture Facelifts
from WCCO
The quest for youth has made Americans turn to Botox nearly 3 million times last year where nearly a quarter million people had an eye-lid lift. But how does an acupuncture facelift sound? "Basically what we're doing is, we're stimulating the body to heal itself," said Acupuncturist Lynn Jaffe. The techniques of acupuncture follow ancient maps of unseen currents flowing though the body. The notion is that every cell of your being creates energy and there is health when that energy flows in harmony. More

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Lookism, Workplace Bias, and the Plastic Surgery Explosion
from Diversity Business
Plastic surgery, once considered an indulgence for individuals who spent their excess cash in altering their appearance, has today become more commonplace. In 2005 alone the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported sixty and thirty percent increases (in men and women respectively) that underwent elective cosmetic modification. More

U.K.: Botox Sales Up by 300 Percent
from News
Demand for Botox has soared almost 300 per cent in a year, the U.K.'s largest provider of non-surgical treatments said. Despite tough financial times sk:n, which has 31 clinics across the U.K., said demand for Botox was up 287 percent in a year, while dermal filler treatments increased by 205 percent. More

Buddy Can You Spare Some Botox?
from Huffington Post
Botox is better than money in the bank for regular users. The wrinkle-reducing drug makes them look better and that makes them feel better and it's something they can control in a world where everything seems out of control. Attribute that to a global economy in distress and the longest presidential campaign in the history of the planet. More

Gentler Laser Treatments
from The Southtown Star
Until a few years ago, laser treatments were effective in zapping unwanted wrinkles, yet the treatments left the skin so raw patients often felt like they had to hide from the world for a week or two. "People would stare at you after you had a CO2 laser treatment," said Dr. Christine Hamori, a cosmetic surgeon who practices in Duxbury, Mass. "You would look like a burn victim, and you felt like you couldn't go out in public." With the old carbon dioxide laser, patients would receive one intense treatment that left the skin red, peeling and irritated for several days. Now patients can choose instead to receive multiple fractional laser treatments that are less intense and therefore leave a lighter mark. More

Seven Years Without A Nose
from Science Daily
Patients whose nose has been destroyed by a tumor or injury carry a severe psychological and social burden. Esthetic reconstruction ranges among the most challenging tasks in plastic surgery. Helmut Fischer and Wolfgang Gubisch present the different options for nasal reconstruction surgery. More

Advanced Hair Removal
by Pamela Hill and Helen Bickmore

This extensive manual provides a modernized approach to hair removal and dispels the rumors, old wives tales, and half truths about hair growth, hair removal, and the techniques that are associated with the procedures. Order today!

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Susanne S. Warfield, President/CEO of Paramedical Consultants, Inc. and the PCI Publishing division publishes the PCI Journal™, The Medical Journal for Skin Care Professionals© ( Official Journal of the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists and the Organ of the Medical Spa Society. She is the leading expert on the business, legal and liability issues that affect physician and esthetician relationships working in a medical or spa setting. More

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