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Warfield Weekly Update
Dec. 19, 2008
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First U.S. Face Transplant Complete
from BBC
Surgeons at a clinic in a Cleveland, Ohio, have performed America's first almost-total face transplant. The reconstructive surgeon in charge of the operation - Dr Maria Siemionow - replaced 80% of a woman's face with that of a dead female donor. The patient's name and age have not been released. The Cleveland transplant is only the fourth to be carried out. Two operations have been conducted in France and one in China. More

Micro-Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing with Two Novel Erbium Laser Systems
from PCI Journal
Treatment of photoaged skin with ablative lasers has been shown to produce clinically efficacious results in a number of studies. However, these procedures are painful, have significant downtime and adverse side effects such as infection, pigment alterations, long-lasting erythema, and scarring. Fractional non-ablative treatments have been useful in treating conditions such as mild to moderate rhytides (wrinkles), photo damaged skin, acne scarring, leucodermic scars, melasma, and non-facial skin rejuvenation. Investigators have reported re-epithelization in 24 hours with fractional treatments thereby reducing downtime for the patient. The effect of Er:YAG (2940 nm) and Er:YSGG (2790 nm) lasers were compared in order to optimize ablative fractional device parameters for new treatment regimens. More

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Final Touch: A Cosmetic Lift for Your Funeral?
from MSNBC
The recent boom in cosmetic procedures has raised the bar for many of us when it comes to appearance. And, it turns out, the dead are no exception. As the population has become increasingly sophisticated about procedures to enhance their appearance, so have their requests, morticians say, for smoothing lines, plumping lips and even boosting sagging parts for that last big special occasion — their funeral. More

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Tracking Hair Loss and Growth Mathematically
from Science Daily
CSIRO’s Biotech Imaging team, who specialize in developing software to analyze images automatically, worked with a UK personal care products company to find a way to objectively test how well their hair removal products work. More

Less Invasive Plastic Surgery Options May Be Beneficial
from El Paso Times
Given today's busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, it is often difficult or impossible to arrange a week to recover from a procedure. This is part of the reason that less invasive options have become so popular over the last decade. In 2007, 4.6 million people had Botox injections, over 1 million had a hyaluronic acid filler, over 1 million had a chemical peel, and laser hair removal and microdermabrasion were each performed more than 1 million times each in 2007. It is true that nothing compares with the effects that can be obtained with a face-lift, brow lift or blepharoplasty, but there are many less invasive options which can take years off your face. More

Facelift on a Botox Budget
from Miami Herald
As the economy slides south, does this mean our foreheads have to follow suit? Not necessarily. While economic woes have led people to postpone expensive and invasive plastic surgeries such as facelifts or breast augmentations, minimally invasive procedures are getting another look. More

Laser Technology Offers Collagen Growth to Eliminate Wrinkles
from Grinza
The latest offering of the dermatology industry is laser technology. Light is the perfect tool, because when it’s absorbed in the skin it stimulates collagen growth. `s2zLasers today are precision-engineered to target specific areas that need collagen. Most skin specialists refer this method for stimulating collagen growth. It is a great solution for those who are looking for way to fight visible signs of aging. More

More Individuals are Turning to Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery to Enhance Their Appearance
from The Spectrum
Magazines, movies and other media often tout the perfect body image - an image that, for most, is difficult to obtain. However, with plastic surgery, many people are getting closer to their personal ideal. "It's more people, and not necessarily who you'd expect," said Dr. Robert Rhodes of The Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery of St. George. "It's just people across the board." More

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Susanne S. Warfield, President/CEO of Paramedical Consultants, Inc. and the PCI Publishing division publishes the PCI Journal™, The Medical Journal for Skin Care Professionals© ( Official Journal of the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists and the Organ of the Medical Spa Society. She is the leading expert on the business, legal and liability issues that affect physician and esthetician relationships working in a medical or spa setting. More

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