SIM Connect
May 11, 2011

Giving back – SIM community outreach
SIM Chapters across the nation are helping to fulfill an important part of the SIM mission by funding college scholarships, providing grants to technology training programs and making donations to various charitable causes.More

Buying SaaS: Ways to ensure cloud benefits meet enterprise needs
Before you purchase those increasingly popular and cost-effective SaaS (software as a service) apps for CRM, collaboration or business intelligence, make sure you understand the long-term benefits and usage metrics and plan an exit strategy, writes research firm Forrester.More

Software asset management saves money and cuts risk
CIO Update
For every IT organization, IT asset management (ITAM) is truly a "need to have" these days for reasons including compliance and cost containment. A fundamental part of ITAM is software asset management, which applies to everyone from your regional bank to a Fortune 500 global company. Every organization is using some type of software, and they are also facing the headaches of managing those assets. If this is you, then here are some simple steps to begin a successful SAM program for your organization.More

Should the CIO head up the marketing department as well?
An interesting trend seems to have been developing of late. In several recent chief information officer or chief technology officer hirings, companies have announced that the new IT chief would not only be responsible for information systems, but also head up marketing operations. At first blush this seems like an unusual pairing, marketing and IT. But it does make some sense when you consider the bigger picture. More

CIO challenges to cloud computing continue
According to consulting firm Gartner, CIOs should take steps to manage inherent risks and unexpected costs during cloud services adoption. Gartner, in a recent report, says cloud computing and offshoring are becoming mainstream, and are quickly changing the IT market. During the next few years, the firm says, market dynamics will determine whether cloud-enabled outsourcing will be the demise of traditional outsourcing, whether it will lead to the convergence of services and products currently marketed as a service, or whether it will result in next-generation outsourcing.More

Why the Amazon cloud outage is irrelevant
Much has been written about how Amazon's recent outage is a major setback for cloud computing, and, oh look, that means private clouds are going to be on the upswing. But the Amazon outage is irrelevant to those of us planning the future of computing at our organizations.More

Federal CIOs report progress on IT reform
The Washington Post
From data center consolidation to a new "cloud-first" policy that prioritizes Web-based computing, the federal government is making changes in the way it manages and buys information technology. Agency chief information officers — typically the primary overseers for these kinds of changes — showed up at InformationWeek's Government IT Leadership Forum at the Newseum recently to share status updates and plans. While acknowledging the challenges ahead, most expressed satisfaction with the work done so far and optimism about potential cost savings and efficiency improvements down the road.More

State CIOs share lessons learned from consolidation
IT consolidation requires constant vigilance because the forces pushing decentralization are strong. This is one of the greatest lessons learned by state IT chiefs from Pennsylvania to Tennessee to Alabama, and they shared their experiences with colleagues at the National Association of State CIOs mid-year conference. Once you think you've got a system centralized, you'll find new mini systems cropping up in the void.More

Cloud service providers say data security 'not my job'
The biggest complaint in the wake of recent data breaches has centered on the lack of security controls in place to protect customer data. A recent Ponemon Institute report found that cloud providers don't think that's their job.More