SIM Connect
Jun. 6, 2012

SIM members recognized among America's most connected companies
SIM Advanced Practices Council congratulates two of its members, Allstate and Pepsico, for being recognized among America's most connected companies by U.S. News. The list highlights firms in which transformative innovation is being driven in unique ways by major technological trends such as big data, cloud computing, social technologies and mobility solutions.More

In a BYOD world, is IT redundant?
Reports of the death of IT departments in the "bring your own device" era have been exaggerated. However, if IT doesn't accept its new role — one that's focused less on individual user support and more on setting policies — then it might be time to write the obituary.More

Attention IT: Your interns have something to teach you
It's that time of year again. Legions of eager, fresh-faced interns have invaded IT departments across the country, hoping to get real-world experience, or at least something that sounds impressive to put on their resumes. Some will have less-than-ideal experiences. Rather than coding or developing apps, they may spend the summer filing or wiping hard drives destined for recycling. But interns aren't just for grunt work anymore. Properly managed, they can bring new insight to IT problems and processes.More

Should a data scientist be your next IT hire?
Want to extract real value from your data? Better hire a data scientist or two. In the past several months, large enterprises, staffing firms and universities have observed increasing interest in a new class of data professional — the data scientist. A curious blend of business, analytics and computer skills, this hot new title is on the march in diverse verticals such as energy, e-commerce, health care and financial services. And if experts are correct, this is just the beginning.More

Cloud's thorniest question: Does it pay off?
Public cloud infrastructure, the pay-as-you-use server and storage services, is getting some serious test-drives this year. About one-fourth of IT execs in the Global CIO Survey say they plan a major project this year to bring the public cloud into their IT infrastructure, compared with just 11 percent who have such services in place now. But there's a cloud of doubt hanging over cloud infrastructure. IT execs, especially at big, established companies, are asking themselves: Are these services really less expensive than the capacity provisioned from my own data center?More

BYOD drives communism out of IT
Freedom of choice when it comes to technology decisions has traditionally ended at the doors of the enterprise, where IT tells you what hardware and software you can use. But BYOD and consumerization of IT may be the new Glasnost.More

10 tasks IT should consider handing off to someone else
Tech Republic
Many IT departments are mired in routine activities that someone else could be handling. Some of these tasks may be easily shifted from the IT portfolio, others may not be feasible for everyone, but they're worth considering.More

How to prepare for the coming IT skills revolution
Call it the tech industry's version of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: Businesses have job openings, but IT professionals are struggling to land jobs or move to better ones. What phenomenon could knock the hallowed laws of supply and demand off-kilter? Two words: Skills gap.More

Moving away from IT spend as a percentage of revenue
Search CIO
IT spend as a percentage of revenue is an albatross around the CIO's neck, dictating — based on comparative industry standards — just how much IT should cost as a percentage of the company's revenue. The problem is that IT spend as a percentage of revenue doesn't work in many companies with varied business units and goals.More

5 signs of a lousy IT leader
History is rife with poor leaders. While we can't always control who's in charge of an IT department, recognizing potential trouble ahead of time can help your team select and groom future leaders, and learn to deal with certain challenges that may lie ahead. Here are five ways to spot a bad boss.More