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Aug. 10, 2011

Dawn of the hybrid CIO
Does a new strategic frontier lie at the intersection of technology and marketing capabilities? A new report says it does, but to realize it requires a fundamental shift in some long-standing attitudes and beliefs.More

How cloud computing is reshaping the role of the CIO
Four disruptive forces are causing executive teams to reconsider how the CIO function will add strategic value in a world where cloud computing, distributed architectures and mobile ubiquity are givens for future competitiveness.More

Great IT leaders must be great managers
Good leaders — and definitely great IT leaders — are adept at managing people (including other executives), projects, financials and contracts. IT leaders who fail to or decide not to manage all of these areas closely, throughout their organizations, risk ruining their careers and destroying a lot of business value. Many otherwise excellent IT leaders have failed because they didn't execute all of these core competencies well.More

Cloud computing 2.0: Top CIO tips for dealing with the next stage
Utility computing has switched quickly from hype to reality, with increasing numbers of organizations moving infrastructures, platforms and even applications to the cloud. What will be some of the next frontiers for on-demand technology and how can IT leaders prepare for the inevitable shift to cloud computing?More

Hackers shift attacks to small firms
The Wall Street Journal
Recent hacking attacks on Sony Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. grabbed headlines. What happened at City Newsstand Inc. last year did not. With limited budgets and few or no technical experts on staff, small businesses generally have weak security. Cyber criminals have taken notice.More

Yes, you really can compete with the public cloud provider
E-commerce Times
IT may be in danger of being bypassed or ignored because of an often generic inability to provision basic infrastructure within what the end-user considers a reasonable time frame. The consumers of these resources have recently found services can be purchased on the external public cloud without reference to, or permission from, IT. As a result, IT is not only in danger of being jilted — in many cases, IT has already been left at the altar.More

The CIO's role morphs yet again
CIO Update
The CIO role continues to morph in the face of changing economic and technological pressures. The good news is that the CIO's new role surpasses the initial goal of winning a seat at the table with the other C-suite players. Unfortunately, that's also the bad news. "Never has the pressure been higher for the CIO to be on top of his game," said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine.More

Fear of change impedes cloud adoption for many companies
It's not budgets, technology issues or strategic worries that are creating roadblocks for cloud projects in many enterprises. Instead, deep-seated fears of change and requirements for more cloud education are keeping many enterprises from moving forward.More

Top 8 ways feds (and corporate users) can take advantage of green IT
Network World
How does the federal government go about implementing green IT? According to a report from the Government Accountability Office, the feds have adopted a number of practices that are useful not just for government IT but all manner of private and public company IT groups as well. These include everything from dedicated funding for green products, to improved employee training and reducing use of paper.More