SIM Connect
Oct. 12, 2011

SIM announces new Regional Leadership Forum location
Starting in 2012, SIM will offer the Regional Leadership Forum program in Florida to serve Chapters located in the Southeast. Sessions will be split between Tampa and Orlando. The Forum will be facilitated by June Drewry, a long time RLF sponsor, director and speaker. Reserve your seat now at early-bird rates.More

Nominate a colleague for SIM membership
The 3rd annual SIM National Membership Campaign is currently underway! Share the benefits of membership by nominating senior IT executives, prominent academicians, selected consultants and other IT thought leaders for membership in SIM. You can nominate IT leaders from your personal and professional network from anywhere in the country!

The process is easy. Fill out the nomination form and let us do the rest! Your nominee will receive an email from the Membership Chair of the closest SIM Chapter congratulating them on being recommended for membership. The email will also contain additional information about the membership process. Keep your network strong and share the value of SIM with your colleagues by nominating someone today! More

A CIO's guide to maximizing the training investment
CIO Update
Training is more important than ever to maximize the workforce, but determining the business impact of training must be quantified in terms of value of investment. Increasing the value of your project management and business analysis training means CIOs can and should develop a plan for building workforce competencies based on the business strategy driving IT strategy, or even better yet, part of an iterative approach to finalizing IT strategy.More

Self-service IT: Are users up to the task?
Self-service procurement. Self-service business intelligence. Self-service recovery. User provisioning in private clouds. It's a wondrous world for end users these days as IT departments roll out tools that hand them the reins to the data and services they desire, whether it's instant access to their employee benefits account or a deep dive into corporate data stacks that were once off-limits. But all this user empowerment raises the question: Are users up to their new role?More

3 tips for overcoming cloud implementation anxiety
The ever-growing number of cloud computing providers, combined with the pressure to select just the right service to prevent catastrophic IT and career failure, prevents many CIOs from moving forward with their cloud computing plans. Cloud computing expert Bernard Golden explains how IT leaders can keep their cloud plans moving forward.More

Public cloud security remains mission impossible
Network World
Someday, cloud security vendors and cloud services providers will convince enterprise IT that it's safe to move sensitive data and mission critical apps from the private cloud to the public cloud. Unfortunately, that day has not yet arrived.More

CIOs: Think like CEOs
CIOs today are in the crosshairs of every major decision companies make. In order to be your CEO's most valuable asset, today's CIOs need to think like their CEOs. More

Your CIO, your problem
In a twist of perspective, Martha Heller attempts to explain why CFOs have a harder time hiring, managing and relating to the CIO than to any other executive. Heller maintains that knowing what bothers the CIO could be a first step toward building what could be a more-productive relationship between CFO and CIO.More

Taming BIG data: Taking back control
CIO Update
The common cliché "It's like herding cats" is an expression that refers to a task that is extremely difficult to control due to chaotic factors. With the ever increasing volumes of data, executives are looking for ways to change the game and simplify information management; to herd the "information cat," if you will.More

State CIOs eye consolidation, cloud, mobility
Resource consolidation, cloud computing and mobility are among some of the top IT areas of focus for state CIOs, who are still grappling with tight budgets that drive their technology agendas, according to an annual survey. Even as CIOs continue to feel pressure to cut costs — something they believe consolidation and cloud initiatives will help them do — they still believe there's an opportunity to take advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices.More