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What are your 2012 energy initiatives?

With energy costs soaring, most companies have set specific goals to reduce their electricity use over the next year. 

The real energy hogs - your machines

When you think energy projects, your mind probably goes straight to lighting. The truth is though, lighting accounts for only about 5% of the total electricity usage in a plastics plant. The real energy hogs are the machines at the core of your business. A whopping 66% of energy is consumed at the machine. Why not take a chunk of that electricity usage out of the equation (and off your monthly bill)?

A simple solution that pays you back in less than 12 months

Lowering your electric bill is as simple as installing insulation jackets on your barrels, extruders, dies, and dryer hose. 

Your energy savings will be so great that UniVest insulation jackets will pay for themselves in less than 1 year, and that savings will continue for the life of the jackets. 

UniVest jackets are easy to install and uninstall, won’t affect your process, and are actually preferred by personnel because they make the work environment safer and much cooler in the summer.

Proof is in the numbers and we’re ready to prove it

We’re serious about helping you save energy and we’re ready to show you just how much you can save on electricity. We’re offering a complimentary Energy and Safety Report focused on your facility. Give us information about your machines and how often they run, and we’ll show you your potential savings.

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