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Precision Mold Making, Injection Molding and Contract Manufacturer Reaps the Benefits of SIGMASOFT®

Schnipke Engraving reduces its iterative design changes by over 90%

Schnipke Engraving Co., Ottoville, OH, is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molded components and related services. Schnipke boasts high performance material experts specializing in precision micro-injection molding and overmolding operating in a world class manufacturing facility equipped with automated assembly and packaging. Schnipke Engraving Co. services the medical, healthcare, industrial, defense, aerospace, automotive and the consumer electronics markets.

A SIGMA customer since June 2010, Schnipke has completed over 150 successful projects using SIGMASOFT® Thermoplastic Simulation Software in its design-to-part strategy. In both the performance effectiveness and time savings provided by the stress analysis, part cooling, shear/fill runner balancing, pressure loss predictions and cycle time optimization inherent in this vendor's simulation software, Schnipke saw an immediate benefit from using the software. Having recently upgraded from 2 core to 8 core, Schnipke has seen a 96% improvement in speed.

The full process simulation is able to detect cavity filling behaviors of plastic materials, overmolding of inserts, curing behaviors of different thicknesses as well as design process validation. In addition, it has the ability to consider other main stage variables such as water placement, various tool-steel(conductivity), heating hot runner systems.

elements & Moreover, this superior simulator considers other types of molding processes such as LSR injection, insert molding and multi-component while simulating pressure loss accuracy within 1%.

Schnipke Engraving has found SIGMA provides comprehensive knowledge of polymer morphology, mold steel selections, delivery systems and water flow strategies. With this type of information, Schnipke is able to minimize the many inherent variables in the molding process that typically lead to costly iterative steps during design and development.

Schnipke has reduced iterative design changes by 90%, compared to the way they previously did business. They feel that unlike its competition, this product is one of the few  CAE tools  that

provide more than just a "Does it fill?" ideology. When asked about the correlation between this software specifically and manufacturing reality, Rodney Aker, Manager of Engineering and Technology at Schnipke Engraving, quickly replied, "Very accurate, when the proper information is considered and there is a close relationship between the production and engineering teams, to fine tune the offsets. We have found that most of the offsets relate back to machine setups, machine calibration, or the use of substituted datasets rather than actual measured data for the material used. Past experience in processing, materials and machine setups, play a key role in helping the simulation expert evaluate the results and make good decisions for a successful outcome. Relaying the results from the floor back to the engineers further improves future simulation results and time savings." Even with high-end materials such as PEI, Schnipke has seen nearly identical results in actual processing conditions vs. SIGMASOFT® results, thereby instilling more confidence in the accuracy of the simulated results during the development of new molds as well as modification of existing tooling.

Summing up the benefits, Schnipke feels that SIGMASOFT® goes above and beyond other simulation software. They go on to report that through the company's lean initiatives, they identified iterative designs as eating up build timelines and ultimately disappointing customers. They soon identified the main disconnect was in their predictive process tools. Previous CAE simulation estimates were very ambiguous and easily misinterpreted. Schnipke immediately saw benefits in the far more accurate forecasts generated from SIGMASOFT®; they also find they spend far less time 'tweaking' at the mold.

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