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SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding:
A New Approach to Resin Selection

With an ever increasing number of resin grades available, injection molders around the world are confronted with the challenge of finding the most suitable option for their processes. Several factors affect the decision, depending on the application: price, performance, processability and energy consumption are counted among them.


Scientists Develop New Applications for Carbon Nanotubes

(MultiBriefs) In April, MIT reported reported that its aerospace engineers had found a way to use a carbon nanotube to heat aircraft polymers into a solid and resilient material. This technique could change the way manufacturers make aircraft — replacing the current energy-hogging technology that heats ovens to 750 degrees F then puts the multiple-polymer layers into the ovens to melt them into one layer. (Read More...)

How to Specify an Injection Molding Machine
(Plastics Technology) It's a necessary component of every injection molding machine. A poor controller can cause major (and often unrecognized) problems, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Why? Because most controllers are complex, not user friendly, have odd subtleties, and lack uniformity between brands. (Read More...)

WATCH: Guitar Pick Molder Strikes the Right Chord
(Plastics News) In his 50s and in need of a second career, Fred Kelly put his fascination with Merle Travis and his irritation with guitar picks to work. The unemployed property manager had always wanted to emulate the late country musician's guitar playing, but technique eluded him. Nowadays, Fred Kelly Picks is molding some 60 styles and sizes of guitar picks — arguably the biggest selection in the world. (Read More...)

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